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  1. maruthi100

    H1B stamping with sister companies

    Thank you @User099 that helps, yes I will !! In DS160 I have provided Company A (my OPT employer) under Present Work/Education/Training Information, and Temporary Work Visa Information, where do you intend to work? I have provided Company B (who is my H1B petioner). This is correct for my case right? Thank you again for all your help guys...
  2. maruthi100

    H1B stamping with sister companies

    Thank you for taking out time and responding to the post @gopalakrishnach!! yes.. if i think it that way, it sounds right. One of my concern is, if i get questioned, How long have you been working for this employer and then I am asked for my paystubs , since the company name would differ, how important is that I need to carry the supporting document that Company A and Company B are sister companies. If not having this supporting documentation, would it be detrimental to my case.
  3. Hi, I am currently working for Company A on OPT, so my payrolls are run by them. My H1B was sponsored by Company B and has got approved with Consular processing. (Company A and Company B are sister companies). When I go for my H1B stamping my last paystubs will be from Company A. Will this cause problems? Any thoughts/suggestion will be very helpful. Thank you in advance!!