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  1. Received our passports with L1 and L2 visa after 7 weeks of attending visa interview. No documents were requested post interview.
  2. @hrishi16 My case is still in Administrative processing. For the first time since our day of visa interview. "Case last updated" has got changed to 31th Oct 2019. Congrats on your visa!
  3. Consular Officer gave 2 copies of the "Approved" stamped copy of I-129S and kept our passports.
  4. I was on F1 visa, F1 OPT and F1 OPT STEM Extension. My OPT Extension end date was in June 2018. I worked with same full-time employer on F1 OPT and OPT Extension. My employer applied for H-1B petition and change of status was approved last year (My SEVIS was updated to Sept 30th 2018 – Cap Gap). I got transferred to Canada office from same employer and started working in Canada from June 2018 (before my OPT extension ended). Early this year I was offered to move back to US from same employer. We chose to apply for L-1B visa as I was eligible to apply under "Specialty Knowledge" and my spouse would be able to work on L2 EAD. Me and my spouse attended our L-1B and L2 visa interviews at the US consulate in Canada last month. The visa interview went well, Consulate officer told our visas has been approved and gave us 2 endorsed copies of I-129S. Consular officer told us expect to receive our passports with visas stamped in a week. Its been over 3 weeks now and we still have not received out passports yet. The status on CEAC site is “Administrative Processing” since the day of our visa interview. Here are my questions: 1. Is there anything we need to worry about at this time as our visas are currently in Administrative processing? We were not given any slips/221G. Also, the Consulate office has not reached out to us asking for any additional information after our visa interviews via email. 2. Is it common for the visa to undergo “Administrative Processing” even after Consular Officer confirming that the visa has been approved verbally? 3. Does my previously approved H-1B and change of status is conflicting for any reason?