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  1. Me and my spouse are on H1B - I 140 approved from our corresponding employers. My mom visited us from Feb 2019 to mid July 2019 (Over 5 months) to be with us for the birth of our second child in March 2019. My elder kid was enrolled to a full time day care all that time and I was on my maternity leave and primary care giver for my second child from March to July. This is for perspective that she was not here for the child care but was here to spend time with us. Also as of now my elder kid is enrolled for a full time school program and we have a full time care arranged for the younger kid. We wished to have her here for about 2+ months in November to early or mid January 2020. Given the scenario, would she face an issue at port of entry for frequent visits? For the context she has her valid visa from 2015 and has been here only twice as yet - 3 months in 2015 and 5+ months this year. Any inputs or perspective on the situation would be much appreciated. Thank you.