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  1. Srutiindia

    Visa stamping in India during Covid 19

    Ok thank you
  2. Hi , Right now IAM in India and need to go for H4 visa stamping . I have all documents along with latest H1B approval notice . But due to Covid _19 the US consulate is temporarily closed in India . Do anybody know is there any process to go for visa stamping? Do anybody in the same situation at this time ? Any guidance please . Thanks in advance . Stay safe . Regards , Sruti.
  3. Can you please provide your email I'd ? I have few questions . Thanks
  4. Hi everyone! Wish you all a very happy new year . Please Can someone clarify my doubt. I am currently on H4 .It's been 9 years I haven't been to India . Iam going to India in January and my husband H1B is going for extension. I get my H4 new Visa stamp based on my husband approved H1 B extension in India . 1) so after returning to usa should I go again for H4 extension? Or can I stay on my new I_94 ? 2) if in mean time my husband gets approved 1_485 then what documents I have to show at Visa consulate for getting my new Visa stamped at India ? . Thank you so much Regards Sruti.
  5. Srutiindia

    Extension of H1 with out renewing H4

    Ok thank you so much for your reply. May I ask you one question ? We just saw my H-4 visa got expired ,as I Didnt visit India due to my family reasons .so we kept extending my H4 visa in usa . Now Iam going to India before my H4 extension so I have to get my new H4 visa .Based on my spouse H1 B approval notice I get stamping and return to USA .right ? Now after coming back to USA , should I apply my H4 extension or can I have legal status just based on my I-94 till the time H1-B approved ?? Thank you Regards Sruti.
  6. Hi , IAM currently on H4 and planning to go to India now (November 2019) and return in 2010 july.my question is : --myhusband has to go for his H1 renewal. With out renewing H4, (as I will go to India) can he renew his H1 B? Thank you so much Regards Sruti.