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  1. Ans. 1 - Yes. Previously approved H1b can be used for transfer petition. Ans 2. - Cap-exempt Ans 3. - Yes
  2. Zodiac System

    I797B expired without stamping

    Find an employer who is willing to file your petition with your previously approved H1b petition. Good Luck.
  3. Zodiac System

    H1B NOIR

    Filing for transfer is a good decision. Confirm with your new employer/attorney that it will be filed with I-94. Good Luck.
  4. Zodiac System

    H1B unused time capture

    Find an employer who is willing to process your transfer with the unused time and also willing to file your I-140. Good Luck.
  5. Zodiac System

    Need advise on H1B transfer

    If company A has just started the transfer, but not yet filed the petition with the Govt., please inform them immediately, as they will be spending thousands of dollars on your transfer as an investment in you. Hopefully this will go in your favor and they may not blacklist you. Good Luck.
  6. Can your employer/attorney file a motion to reopen your extension case? Check with your attorney on the next steps for legal stay in US, since your H1b is denied. If your I-94 is still valid, you may be able to file another extension or transfer too. Good Luck.
  7. Zodiac System

    H1B re-file old case

    Find an employer who is willing to file H1b transfer with your previously approved H1b.
  8. If you have an employer, he can try filing your petition Non-Cap exempt category and if possible also start your I-140 process.
  9. Zodiac System

    Calculation of Cooling-off period for new H1 Filing

    Wondering why your employer did not start your I-140 process.
  10. Zodiac System

    H1 cap exemption

    Find an employer who is willing to transfer with your previously approved H1b.
  11. Zodiac System

    Have H1B stamped in 2008 but never used it..

    Find an employer who is willing to transfer you with your previous H1b visa. Good Luck!
  12. Zodiac System

    Can I file new H1B transfer when it is already in progress

    Not all details are available in your comment. Is your I-94 current? Have you started working with employer B? Do you have paystubs with employer B? You can request employer B to not withdraw your petition, until you get approval from employer C. Better to consult an attorney on this. Good Luck.
  13. Zodiac System

    Job change with wife's H4 extension pending

    If you change your job after December, do ask your new employer to process h4 too along with your transfer petition. As per law, your previous employer will revoke your H1b since you are not working with him anymore, which will automatically lead to H4 denial, which is based on your current H1b extension approval.
  14. Zodiac System

    H1B CAP Exempt Petition

    Your H1b has to be current, based on which you can get a visa to come to US back again. Contact your current employer, or new employer who can file your H1b petition cap exempt. Make sure you have enough validity in your passport (or get a new passport).
  15. Zodiac System

    Can I file new H1B transfer when it is already in progress

    Since you are going to join only on approval, I think you should be good.