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  1. Zodiac System

    Laid off on H1b - less than 15 days left

    Relax! your new employer is already working on filing your H1b. He is associated with his company immigration attorney. You are good.
  2. Zodiac System

    Can I use H1B from 2007

    Find an experienced attorney and give it a chance. Some have found success using previous approvals. Good Luck.
  3. Zodiac System

    Expired / unused h1b visa

    Consult an experienced attorney. Some have found success with previous H1b approvals. Good Luck.
  4. Your employer has got you the second project. Let him handle this situation with his attorney.
  5. Zodiac System

    Using I 140 receipt number to extend H1b beyond 6 years

    I-140 is an employer document and employer may use discretion of not sharing. Try extension with receipt number (and screen shot from Govt. Case status which says that it has been approved), and give your extension beyond 6 years a shot. Good Luck. Lets see what other experts advise.
  6. Your new employer's paperwork should reach USCIS before May 10th. Can you file change of status immediately to H4/B2 as your I94 is expiring May 10th?
  7. Zodiac System

    Coming back to USA on H-1B & withdrawn I-140

    You are good. You can come back with your previous H1b approvals and I-140 with any employer. Your new employer can start your Green Card process again and retain your PD. Good Luck. Lets see what other experts advice.
  8. Zodiac System

    H1B general questions

    Company A should agree to work corp to corp with Company B so it is a win win situation for all.
  9. Zodiac System

    L1+ H1 After 365 days cooling period

    Request your employer to start your PERM GC process immediately, so you can have an I-140. It will help you extend H1b beyond 6 years.
  10. Zodiac System

    H1B visa stamping without I-797B copy

    If this H1b was processed in premium processing, your attorney/company would have received an email stating your approval as well as I94 number and expiry date. Employer may also have received a courtesy copy from USCIS of your approval. In case you have an urgent visit to India, I guess you would have to try all your options. Along with the above mentioned documents, also take screen shot or print out of case status on USCIS website which says approved, as well as a client letter.
  11. If working from home, LCA can have your residential address.
  12. Ans. 1 - Yes Ans. 2 - Not advisable. Ans. 3 - Procure a Govt. wedding certificate for filing immigration paperwork for your spouse. Lets see what other experts advise.
  13. If in doubt, it is safe to have your education + experience evaluated in US. It will strengthen your petition and odds of approval.
  14. Zodiac System

    H1B VISA stay after approval under CAP

    Since it is fresh pick under CAP lottery system, you should be eligible for all the 6 years. lets see what other experts advise.