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  1. Zodiac System

    Wait for MTR decision or move forward with new PERM?

    Try taking a second opinion from a different attorney. You may not have to withdraw MTR while applying for a new PERM. Who knows the new PERM may get approved while you are still waiting on reply to your MTR. Awaiting an expert's opinion
  2. Zodiac System

    H1B Premium processing

    Which US Consulate did your H1b documents go to? I think California takes longer time
  3. Contact your CBP (customs border petrol) immediately (take an appointment if needed) and meet them (before your child's I-94 expires), with child's NEW passport and request them to extend the I-94 for balance two month based on the stamp. It is worth a shot and you have nothing to loose. You may in fact gain the additional two months of I-94. Good Luck
  4. Zodiac System

    I-94 expires a year before H1-B

    Today is August 3. Your I-94 expires on August 9. You have approximately 4-5 working days in the middle. Contact your CBP (customs border petrol) immediately (take an appointment if needed) and meet them IMMEDIATELY (before the I-94 expires, with your H1b original approval notice and your NEW passport and request them to extend your I-94 until 9/9/2021 based on the H1b Approval Notice. It is an easy procedure. Things will get complicated once your current I-94 expires. Waiting for other expert opinion
  5. If Form I-140 is withdrawn by an employer in fewer than 180 days after the approval date, you cannot use this approval for any future H-1B extensions or H-4 EAD. USCIS considers the case withdrawn from the date of approval. Request your employer to not revoke your I-140. He may oblige, hoping that you will come back some day or give him some good references.
  6. Zodiac System

    Wait for MTR decision or move forward with new PERM?

    Has your MTR considered ?
  7. Zodiac System

    MTR Process for H4 Denial

    What is the status of your spouse's H1b petition? Is it approved?
  8. Zodiac System

    H4 dependent Extension filed after i94 Expired

    I believe you are good. When documents are sent by postal mail ... certain grace period is allowed. You may fall under this grace period if your documents are received by USCIS on February 04, 2020 ......... H4 is dependent status and is definitely connected with your spouse's H1b status and its approval. Waiting for an expert opinion!
  9. Zodiac System

    Setting up business in LLC

    H1b is for work authorization status, through an employer
  10. Your employer must have filed the extension with the same work place location and client, with which your amendment has been filed earlier. Congratulations on its three year approval. Ask an attorney and see if you can withdraw this amendment as you now have an approved H1b extension with the same client and work location. Lets hear what the experts have to say
  11. Zodiac System

    H1-B Extension Pending - RFE- I94 About to expire.

    You posted this on July 20 with one day left for your I94 to expire. Just curious what decision did your employer finally take?
  12. Employer spends lot of money (thousands of dollars) on H1B filing + attorney fees. In this COVID-19 situation, I have seen many clients terminate contracts abruptly and then the employer terminates the employment as he does not want to pay the employee, when he is not getting paid by client ......
  13. Zodiac System

    I-9 delayed on H1-B

    You are good. I have seen many cases similar to yours and they all did good. Let us see what other experts say
  14. Zodiac System

    H1B transfer before H1B is active

    You look like a a CAP CASE lottery candidate.
  15. Zodiac System

    H1B extension and Travel

    You were in US when the travel ban was announced. Please talk to a lawyer Waiting to see what experts have to say.