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  1. This forum helped me to be prepared for my visa stamping. Here is my visa experience at Vancouver. My first H1B stamping, F1 to H1B: Me: GM Officer VO: Give me passport and 797. Me: Gave my passport+797. VO: Where do you work? Me: I work for **** VO: Whats your company do? Me: mentioned about my company (2 lines) VO: How long you are with your current employer? Me: 6 years VO: What's your job title? Me: mentioned whatever is on my I-129 petition. VO: Do you have master's degree? Me: Yes (I didn't provide what degree, or major or school as extra information. VO always asks for the extra information, if he really thinks it's needed) VO said, your visa is approved and will be ready to pick-up in 3-5 days. On the Interview day (Day 1): Status showed as Admin Processing; Next day (Day 2): Status updated to ISSUED; Following-day (Day 3): I received an e-mail saying it is available for pick-up. I returned on same weekend, At the port of entry (In Vancouver), I had an issue with the admission stamp. They mistakenly entered it as B2 instead of H1B, which I corrected at Deferred Inspection Unit later. SO MAKE SURE TO CHECK CLASS & DATE ON ADMISSION STAMP AT THE PORT OF ENTRY. I was tensed about my interview like everyone, there were 221-G's issued to 3-4 people, who were interviewed before me. At the end of the day, it went as planned. Good luck to you all.
  2. About stay, there are many places in and around, but I chose to stay in Airbnb place in downtown. From here, you can take a cab (<$10) to consulate or walk (15-20 min) or take a bus. Airbnb was economical compared to other hotels, just being cautious I didn't accesses any personal-important information over their internet, I used my mobile for such things. Commute in Vancouver is very good, you can easily go around, best is to take a compass card (I took it in the Sky train station at the airport) and load with some 20-30$. Once you scan the card, they won't charge you again for next 90 minutes or so, sky train included. You can use the same card to access the sky train, which is well connected to the other places in Vancouver. Best scenarios is, you get the passport in 3 working days, if approved. @jsk423I am working as FT.
  3. I attended my interview last week and it went well, posted my experience. One thing I want to tell you is please provide what VO asks for, I heard people mentioning more details where not required. It should be like a conversation, VO shouldn't feel that you are providing explanation for everything. Other thing is, wear a suit if you want or at least formals with a tie.
  4. MSRV

    H1b Stamping in Calgary-Need advise

    @vijaychirra I hope you got your visa, please let us know how did it go. Thanks, MS
  5. MSRV

    Need urgent help please!!

    Are you travelling from another country to apply for a US visa in Canada? It is said that you can select "NO" for this question, if you are a Canada resident, and you should be able to see much earlier available dates.
  6. MSRV

    H1b Stamping in Calgary-Need advise

    Hey Vijay, I am also in similar situation. I have my interview scheduled (first H1B stamping, completed masters in 2011) for October 25 @ Vancouver. Please let us know how it goes, wish you luck. Thanks, MS