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  1. For 5 months, we were buying a house and also had the plan to visit more places within USA.
  2. We applied the Visitor Visa renewal for my mother 6months before 10 years visa expiration. Drop off the passport in dropbox. After 7 days, my mother got a passport with 221G Blue slip and it says to "please appear for an interview with a consular officer on any Monday, Tuesday, etc to 10 to 11 AM" and asked to provide proof of approval notice of extended stay in the USA. Now, I don't know what they ask for my mother during the interview. She is 65 years old. She came to the USA 7 times and went back without any delay to India and no bad record. She is a housewife and never worked earlier. Do you know what kind of question will ask my mother? What are the documents she has to take along with her during the interview? I provided my W2, invitation, employment letter, bank statement, etc. How do we prepare my mother for an interview?