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Shilpa Rishi

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  1. Shilpa Rishi

    Change of Status from H1B to F1

    Hi, Im currently on H1b and completing my 6 years on H1B, my visa Will max out on November 8. I have received I-20 from the university for Change of Status. Two conditions - A) Once I apply for Change of Status and receive the Receipt notice by November 8, can I stay in States and wait for F1 petition approval ? B) If I don't receive the receipt by November 8 and send my documents to USCIS , can I still stay in US and wait for approval ?
  2. Shilpa Rishi

    Transfer h1 to B1/B2 visa

    Hi, I'm completing 6 years on H1B on 11/09/2019. Is it possible to get my visa transferred from H1 to B1/B2 without leaving USA ? IF yes, any idea how long does it takes these days for change of status ? What is the process to get it started ?