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  1. User099

    H1B RFE with two companies

    What is the RFE's about? if they are simple then they will be cleared easily.
  2. User099

    H4 to F1 COS

    Day 1 CPT is not advisable, STAY AWAY.
  3. User099

    I-765 H4 EAD form filling - help

    Yes. When applicant is under 14, parent or guardian can sign.
  4. User099

    VO retain the passport but issued 221g yellow slip

    Oh Boy!...No pun intended. Hope everything works out well for you!
  5. Good. Hopefully just sending USCIS a copy of I140 and a letter explaining that its been approved for over 180 days will be sufficient.
  6. User099

    Visitor visa for parents

    Duration should not be an issue if you meet all the other requirements for visitor visa.
  7. You can port your Priority date if I140 has been pending for more than 180 days. I don't see any issues with your scenario, but for a deeper dive you will have to give your I94 dates.
  8. You can join Emp B within 60 days after approval. You can work for Emp A till Dec 16th and then join Emp B. But let Emp B know your joining date so that they don't have any ambiguity on you joining them.
  9. User099

    Employer Sent legal Notice

    Your employer has the right to control your work at the Vendor and Client. If employer say's your work is done at the client, then your client or vendor will not have a say in that. Talk to an attorney and see what the best option is to get out of this mess. You will have to get one to answer that legal notice anyway. Did employer run your paycheck's for every month? If you have paper trail as to him not paying you on time will help your case. If you had him hold the money to dodge taxes will come back and bite you.
  10. User099

    H1B Second RFE 2019

    It might be the one on your OPT EAD card. Will depend on how you used your OPT and CPT. Are you sure you did not abuse CPT or OPT?
  11. User099

    H1-B Expiring

    Unless you switch to an F-1 or other visa category, your H1 will not be extended beyond 6th year. Best thing will be to talk to an attorney to do a full review of all your options. Your education background, marriage and past visa status will play a role and I don't want to ask all those in a public forum.
  12. User099

    H1 sixth year

    It will be more than 180 days by 12/3/2019, even if he revokes you can use that I140 for your future H1 extensions with any other employer. But don't play so close to the 180 day limit, give it some room and try to extend it beyond 12/3/2019.
  13. User099

    H1B transfer probability

    I don't know what is your "different role" and why it "doesn't exist in the industry at this point" unless you are working on some alien technology. What was your RFE about? Your approval will depend on who good is your documentation. Every case is different.
  14. User099

    H1B denied after RFE & advise on next steps

    Are you in the 60 day window of being layed off by Employer A.
  15. User099

    Non-Competition and Non-solicitation agreement

    Talk to your employer, sooner the better. Negotiate something with him.
  16. User099

    Travel on previous employer stamped Visa.

    Both of you can travel with old visa stamps and new I797 approval notice. Even if your old employer revoked you petition, your visa's are good.
  17. User099

    H1B stamping after RFE

    You should be good to use the existing visa to re-enter. If you want to be 100% sure, run it by an attorney and they will analyze your application and RFE in detail. I just say that because it just doesn't happen every day that you get an RFE for an already approved petition.
  18. I think it can be done. They might just ask you why you came to Kolkata and did not go to Delhi, other than that should not be any different in terms of interview process or verifications.
  19. Visa stamping will not be an issues, but while coming back you will get I94 only till June 4th 2020. You will again have to travel to get a new I94. If you can give the embassy a reason to process your application in tatkal, you might get it in couple of days.
  20. User099

    H1 Transfer before old H1 is revoked

    Visa denial or petition denials are not career ending events, but if you are denied entry at POE or caught for fraud it will be a much bigger issue. Your H1 might valid at this point, but it can change by the time you land here. Its not worth it. Get a new petition and travel is the best option. Employer who is asking you to travel on your old H1 has NOTHING to loose if you get caught.
  21. User099

    Need Advise on H1B (Out of Cap) documentation

    Make sure the Job duties and wage level are not entry level. Get a good attorney. Submit your day to day job responsibility in detailed.
  22. User099

    H1B RFE Response ?

    Even if they are just 5 miles apart, nowadays its safe to get a new amendment as the client location is changing. Attorney might have to attach an amendment for the new client to the RFE response.
  23. User099

    H1B RFE - Same end client and same employer

    What is the RFE about? From what I know changing the layers in the middle is not a reason for amendment.