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  1. If your COS is denied, you can request for a datafix by your DSO and work on OPT. Or else you can go for stamping with the I797 and come back with the visa. If you are not going for the datafix, you will have to leave ASAP.
  2. User099

    H1B SOW - Extension

    If you don't submit the new SOW you petition will only be approved till March 31st. If you have already filed for the extension without SOW, then hopefully you will get a RFE. Submit the New SOW and convert it to premium.
  3. User099

    H1B Extension Approved and Amendment denied

    You will have to check with your attorney. Check if they can appeal the decision and if not, you might have to leave the country and come back with a fresh H1.
  4. User099

    can I140 be reactivated

    I140 can't be used for travel or applying for a visa. You will have to file for a new H1 and get a visa and then travel. If your I140 was not withdrawn before Jan 2017 and was approved for more than 180 days, you can use it for filing a H1 beyond 6 years.
  5. No, you are supposed to start from the day mentioned in your I797. You can check with an attorney to see if there is a way to do it.
  6. User099

    LCA Delay - End Client Location Change

    You might have to talk to an attorney about this. Changing a Client will most likely need an amendment not just a new LCA.
  7. User099

    H1B Transfer RFE Client Letter

    If your transfer is denied and current employer withdraws H1, you will have to leave immediately.
  8. User099

    H4/H4 EAD extension

    1. Yes 2. I539 will need to be filed with your H1 to extend H4. 3. No, you can file H1, H4, H4-EAD all at same time when filing for H1 extension. 4. H4 will take 5-6 months and same with EAD. Premium is only for H1.
  9. 2/28 will be the date your new employer will have to file an extension of status case. Anytime after that will be a bridge or a Consular processing case. If the LCA is filed on 2/17-2/18, you will very close to 2/28 for it to be approved and the transfer petition to be sent over to USCIS. Every day is important for you from now on and if you can have them file the LCA the sooner the better.
  10. What is your I94 expiry date? I think you will be ok if you have an approved petition in hand starting from 2/24/2020 and have an I94 which is valid beyond Feb 14th. But why take a chance, it might be better to leave and come back.
  11. User099

    H4 work permit

    Yes. No, they need some kind of work authorization to work while in US.
  12. 1. You should join on 3/16. 2. You are good, as you will fall in the 60 days grace period of end of your current employment. 3. No
  13. User099

    H4 EAD Biometric

    Yes, H4 extension will need biometics to be provided.
  14. If you don't have GC started you can't get 7th year extension. You will have to stay out for 1 year and then go thought the lottery. I don't think you have enough time left to get a I140 approved between now and October. GC processing and H1 transfer can happen parallel if your employer wants to do it that way.
  15. User099

    H4 denial while H1

    If you filed you H4 before Oct 1st, I don't understand why they declined the H4. I would recommend talking to an attorney and then going for H4 visa stamp and come back.
  16. There are multiple reasons why its recommended to leave early. You don't want to stay till the last day and get struck here due to reasons that are beyond your control like Health, flight delays..etc.
  17. User099


    You will have to go thought the lottery again, you are subject to cap.
  18. User099

    F1 CPT to H1B

    You might have run this my an other attorney for second opinion. But you can't have more than 12 months of OPT for same degree. You can try your luck by going thought Consular processing.
  19. User099

    DS 160 - Start Date of Current Employment

    It is the date you first started working for that employer, in your case it might be 2017 if there are no breaks.
  20. User099

    Do I need to go for h1b Visa stamping?

    You might have submitted details like SOW or PO of a project that was till 12/31/2018. What was the RFE about? I think you will be better off to submit a new petition and get it approved and travel back. You don't need a new visa stamp till Oct 2020.
  21. User099

    LCA Delay - End Client Location Change

    Did you not change from Client A to Client B? Or did you just change from employer location to client location in the same MSA?
  22. Who pays your employer, is it the end client or the implementation partner? As long as the Client is ready to give you a letter that states they deal directly with your employer and implementing partner is not mentioend in the letter you will be fine.
  23. User099

    H1 Extension Denied

    Since your h1 is denied, you will be treated as out of status right now. You can't file a transfer to stay in US. Your only option that I can think of is to go through the lottery process again in March in the general quota. You will have to leave in 2 3 weeks (asap) once you get your denial notice.