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  1. User099

    Dad's second B2 visa rejected (approved for Mom)

    Most of the times the CO will start with some basic questions and which some applicants (especially senior citizens) don't consider that as part of the interview process as they have prepared to answer tougher questions and present documents. When none of that happens they are under the impression that they were not asked any questions. I know there is a lot of preparation (months in some cases) that goes into the whole visa interview process and when the actual interview lasts for only 1-2 mins, they tend to think that the CO did not ask them enough questions especially when their visa is rejected. Successful visa interviews also last the same duration. It's just a perspective from the applicant standpoint.
  2. Talk to you DSO and get the data fix done. You can do a data fix in your case as withdrawal was submitted before Oct 1st and COS should not have gone through. It's better to come back to F1 status before you leave the country for stamping. I am thinking data fix should not take long. I replied to your other post.
  3. User099

    H1b to H4 transfer and stamping in India

    You can quit before you receive the H4 receipt number, but if you have the option to wait and quit then that will be a preffered option. You will have 60 days or until i94 expiry date which ever is shorter to file for an COS petition to H4.
  4. 1 yes 2 it's better to do it this was as there will be no gap in status. 3. No
  5. User099

    Perm approved and H1B extension denied

    Yes. Your Perm and I140 are for future employment with A.
  6. User099

    Appeals I-290B: Case was Remanded

    It means you case has been sent back to USCIS for readjudication. Most likely it will be approved.
  7. User099

    New DS 160 Query

    US home address.
  8. User099

    LCA impact on h1b duration

    Not sure what you are trying to ask.
  9. Holiday season so it might take an extra day or 2. Look for it this week and have your attorney call USCIS to get an update.
  10. If your employer withdraws you i140 before 180 days, you will lose your PD.
  11. User099

    I94 Expired and Extension-RFE under process

    A new employer can file for a transfer petition which will most likely be consular processing as your i94 is expired. You will have to go for stamping when its approved to switch to new employer. New petition can be tied to your current petition but if current petition is denied then new petition will also be denied. Risky.
  12. User099

    Change of status from H1B to H4 while in US

    If you are laidoff or resign, you will get 60 days or until I94 expiry date which ever is shorter to find a new job or file a COS. So with the 60 days you can file for H4 and continue to stay in US. It should take most likely take 1-2 weeks for the receipt notice after you apply. Plan accordingly.
  13. User099

    H1-B stamping (Dropbox) with multiple I-797s

    Just the I797 which you filled in DS160.
  14. User099

    H1 -> H4 + H4EAD

    You will have 60 days from Jan 10th to apply for a H4 COS. Once the H4 COS is filed and you have the receipt number you can stay legally till its adjudicated.
  15. User099

    H1 to L1 for new employer

    LOL! what next..are you going to apply for a GC in EB1 as you are the founder and executive of the Indian based company. All this what you did is not legal while on H1B.
  16. 1. You can only work for Emp A for 240 days on a receipt notice with the application is pending even thought you have B's approval. 2. Yes, you can.
  17. User099

    Applying for H4 extension while the current one is pending

    Yes, you can.
  18. User099

    H1B Visa Stamping @ Mexico

    Yes, but why are you going and also how long will matter.
  19. User099

    Visitor Visa denied due to insufficient funds

    First they need to let go of the fear and answer the questions that CO asks them clearly. I can totally understand their situation and yours. Just talk to them and get them to relax before the interview. If they can show sufficient funds for the trip then why even ask the question.
  20. User099

    Can apply Visitor for mother when i am in india

    You can HELP her apply for a visa. I am sure you can google the process.
  21. User099

    Dad's second B2 visa rejected (approved for Mom)

    They should have give your Dad some paper with a reason as to why they rejected the visa. CO can't just reject a visa without giving you a reason. What did your Dad work as which triggered the question for a resume and educational details? If you can't figure out why was it rejected and want to reapply, then talk to an attorney so that they can review your fathers case and advice you and him appropriately.
  22. Its better you get new H4 visa stamp and travel. If not you will again have to file for H4 extension after coming back. Waste of money.
  23. User099

    H1 to L1A Approval, question if stamping required

    She will have to get L2 visa and travel back. She can take the approval notice for stamping.
  24. User099

    i-140 applying while dependents are in India.

    You can file I140 while they are in India.