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  1. User099

    Address in DS-160

  2. User099

    Visa stamping

    If getting a visa stamped till Sept 2020 is your concern, then you are ok that should not be an issue. Did you considered getting an extension approved and then go for stamping just to avoid the pain of going for stamping again after Sept 2020? Also travel while extension is in process is not recommended.
  3. I don't think that will be a problem if your employer is OK with it. Check if they are willing to file for an extension while you are in India or do they want you to be back to file for an extension. Hope your mother feels better soon!
  4. User099

    Going to stamping while doing part time masters

    Sure, why not. Its perfectly legal to study on H1.
  5. User099

    H4 Approval Delays

    1. No, the time time they gave you is a best case scenario. 2. idk. 3. Yes, she can go for H4 stamping and come back. 4. If you check the case processing times on USCIS website, you will get a clear picture.
  6. User099

    No Receipt Number- H1B filed a week ago

    Give it couple more days. If not, have your attorney or employer call USCIS.
  7. User099

    H1B : amendment and extention

    Yes, they can if you have an project that goes beyond your current expiry date.
  8. User099

    H1B Visa - Planning to File Extension

    1 You can apply for extension while the the amendment is pending. We have seen cases where the amendment was denied but the new extension get approved. You might have to check with an attorney to see what will happen in such cases. 2. You might have to check with an attorney to see what will happen in such cases.
  9. Is it an in-house project for a product based company?
  10. User099

    W2 during OPT

    If there was no payroll run, then there won't be a W2.
  11. Its better to check with your DSO and also an attorney. I think you will not be able to travel back till your SEVIS is reactivated if you leave the country and your DSO will know how long that will take. SO depending on that you can make your travel plans.
  12. They can take the new DS160 confirmation page to the biometrics appointment center and have it updated before going for visa.
  13. I feel you should be good to join the new company. But it might be worth checking with an attorney as the amendment was denied and if that causes any issues.
  14. User099

    H1B and H4 visa stamping using Drop Box

    1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. H4 can go into admin processing due to many reasons, but not due to H4 extension still in progress.
  15. User099

    H1B Extension - Vermont Processing Times

    Since you are outside US currently, you will fall into this category. H-1B - Specialty occupation - Visa to be issued abroad
  16. Congrats! Was it normal processing? With or without RFE?
  17. User099

    H1B Visa Stamping

    Check with your immigration team/attorney if the change in Client will need an amendment to be submitted. My guess is yes, but let them decide it after reviewing the original paperwork. If they file an amendment, then you need to wait for it to be approved to go for stamping. I would not advice you to go for stamping with Client A docs. When they do verification and find that you don't have an job offer with A, they will reject your visa.
  18. Yes, every time you submit the DS160 you need to mention it. Also 2nd DUI will be devastating. https://www.murthy.com/2019/12/09/second-dui-is-presumption-of-lack-of-good-moral-character/
  19. Did you check with your attorney if they got a copy of it mailed to them? You can also submit a FOIA request.
  20. Thanks for the update. Hang on tight, I am sure it will go through.
  21. User099

    H4 Visa Stamping 221G

    221G for H4 asking for marriage photos- Yes, seen these cases before. But why did you not carry the photos before? Its one of the main proofs to prove you are actually married. Timeline - It should clear out in a couple of weeks.
  22. User099

    I-140 employer change

    You can use the I140 from old employer to file for extension.
  23. User099

    Site visit while on Non-productive work.

    1. Its up to you. 2. No 3. Its good to discuss this with the attorney when filing the amendment.
  24. a. I think it will be fine as you are legally allowed to study while on H4. b. Mexico doesn't do status change for TCN's, but Canada does. Will there be any issues with visa interviews? No one will ever know till its done. c. Also I think you will have to maintain H4 till F1 gets approved which could take 18 months. But going for stamping is a good decision rather than waiting on COS.
  25. User099

    221(g) Refusal Letter

    3. If you were ever in US on a H1 visa, you will be able to transfer to a different employer.