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  1. User099

    H1B Extension - 06/22 Executive Order

    EO doens't restrict any current or future filings with USCIS. If you are in US, you can file for extensions and respond to RFE's as usual.
  2. If you First H1 was for a for profit employer then you can go back to a for profit employer anytime.
  3. User099

    Premium Processing Filing

    You can file it concurrently with I129 or file it after getting the receipt notice, its upto you.
  4. What I meant is if you take the paycut and don't meet the LCA requirement, then whats the use. You will have to find a new job in that case. Pay cut will need an amendment and amendment will need a new LCA as per the current pay rates.
  5. User099

    H1 to H4 from India while H1 Transfer is in progress

    There is strong chance that your B2 will be rejected, but its like the lottery which you can only win if you play. Unless you go for the visa and give them you honest reason for travel, you can't say you will get a visa or not.
  6. User099

    Middle Vendor Causing Legal issues

    Did you sign any documents with the midvendor?
  7. User099

    Travel to US with newly stamped visa

    You can't travel till the ban is lifted.
  8. User099

    Executive Order effect on H4

    Your wife should be able to travel as she has the visa stamped.
  9. User099

    H1b suspension through December 31 2020

    Applies to anyone without a visa on their passport and are outside the country.
  10. User099

    Lost job on H1B and planning to move to B2

    Its better to apply for H4 with the new employer h1 receipt notice.
  11. User099

    H1B to H4

    If you have a H4 visa in your passport, you should be able to use that to travel.
  12. User099

    h1 transfer when already in USA

    No, it won't.
  13. User099

    Travel Restrictions with new Executive Order

    If you already have a visa stamp you should be able to travel.
  14. User099

    Regarding unused H1b period

    New employer should be able to apply for a new H1 out of cap.
  15. User099

    H1B Executive order June 22, 2020

    Most likely No if you I94 is already expired, but you should check with an attorney. This has nothing to do with the EO.
  16. User099

    New Executive Order on H1b

    Yes, your employer can apply for extension.
  17. User099

    H1 - New Executive order

    No, it will not impact you. You can stay.
  18. User099

    H1b transfer with approved I140

    How long have you been on H1 and when was your I140 approved?
  19. Consulates are currently closed and there is no set date when they will open. You should travel on the current stamped visa before it expires.
  20. User099

    F2 to H1B transfer

    1. Yes 2. If you COS to H1 is approved you can join immediately, no need to travel.
  21. User099

    H1-B grace period during COVID-19 situation

    No. You should apply for B2 to stay in the country beyond the 60 day grace period.
  22. User099

    COS status from F1 to H1B denied

    If you COS was denied then you should have got a I797B in Nov 2019 and since you got stamped you have activated your H1. You can go back to H1 but you will need the B2 to be adjudicated. Its better you talk to an attorney on the timeline for B2 to be adjudicated and COS back to H1.
  23. User099

    H1B - OOC

    I think they will still accept and process the I129 petition for people who are out of the country. But you can't travel till the ban is lifted.
  24. User099

    Laid off on H1B, I140 approved, intent to

    Not sure if any good university will give you an I20 in the middle of the year for apply for an F1. But B2 is an option to apply and stay. This is just a temporary thing which will let you be in status while you make plans to leave the country. But you should not expect to continue on B2 for a long period of time. Give that COS to B2 is taking long time to adjudicate, you will get few months to make travel plans.
  25. User099

    Using Day1 CPT to make time for GC

    It might be better to travel back to home country and come back rather than Day 1 CPT. Day 1 CPT will land you into many issues so better to avoid it. If you want plan for converting to F1 and back to H1 which will be better. I know you can't work on F1, but don't mess up the legal status by joining a Day 1 CPT collage.