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  1. User099

    H1B Extension Denied - I94 Expired - Next Options

    For EE relationship, did you submit vendor and client letters?
  2. Wait for the RFE, don't jump to conclusions. If the documentation was good enough to tie your job to the subjects in MCA then you will be good.
  3. Unless you badly in need of the I140 for an extension of H1, why do you want to convert it to premium? Are you close to filing a I485 if I140 is approved?
  4. User099

    H4 and H4 Ead

    1. Yes 2. Yes, you should give your Old EAD details
  5. Listen to the advice you got above and hopefully you learnt your lesson on how to behave when in a NATIONAL PARK.
  6. User099

    I-140 questions for person in India

    1. Yes, You can look for a job with a new employer. But the other company can't file for your extension with you I140 as it has to be approved for more than 180 days to be used with a new employer. 2. It starts from the day I140 is approved. Doesn't matter where you are. 3. Your Priority date needs to be current for concurrent filing of I140 and I485. If you country of birth is India and your filed in EB2 or EB3, it will take 100+ years for you to file your I485.
  7. User099

    F1-OPT to new F1

    You are right now on F1 and will be staying in F1. No question of a COS comes into picture. After Apr 2022, you will just need a new Visa if you plan on traveling out and want to come back.
  8. Told you... Thanks for the update!
  9. All you questions will be answered if you read few threads on this forum and do some research in google. If you have any specific questions they can be answered. But don't except people to do all the research for you and hand it to you on platter. Can you answer one question for me: What will you do after your PhD? (this is what Noah asked too).
  10. I don't think it will be an issue with the case pending, I don't think there will be an RFE for it.
  11. You will maintain you PD even if you stay out for 1 year. You can use the I140 for applying for an H1 anytime as cap exempt. Hope I answered your question.
  12. 1. If you have an amendment pending, you cant use your old I797 for stamping or travel. You will have to wait for the amendment to be adjudicated. 2. Yes 3. No, Its risky to do so. They might deny your entry at the POE as you don't have a Approved I797 as the amendment is pending. Convert to premium and try to get it approved before you travel.
  13. You should enter the amendment petition number. I will not advice you to go for stamping without the approval notice, even though its shows approved online.
  14. Where did you attend the interview?
  15. If you have Valid I94, you can apply for extension of your status and request the I94 to be extended. If your I94 is not valid, you can't request for I94 to be extended so it will be a Consular processing petition.
  16. I don't think you can file for a transfer with an I797B without getting stamped.
  17. User099

    Does my H1B reset?

    No, clock only resets if you stay out for 1 year and then go though the lottery again.
  18. User099

    H1B 221g Refusal and H4 Conversion

    1. You are not on H1B while you are in India, your H1B only counts when you are in US. You working for your company while in India will not be govered by US immigration laws. 2. It might be better to quit it before going for Interview as it will be clean and no additional questions. You will any way have to leave it once you come back on H4.
  19. User099

    H1B Layoff and Transfer Question

    Yes. You can decide which one to work for if both are approved, order in which they are approved doesn't matter. Techinically Yes, but it will depend on how long it takes too. Let your attorney make the call.
  20. User099


    Its usually via USPS. If attorney can reachout to USCIS and say they did not receive it. It takes week or 10 days to receive it sometimes.
  21. User099

    IELTS validity for Canadian PR

    Yes and No. But its No and yes.
  22. User099

    Eb1 - qualifications

    Did you ever try to google it?
  23. User099

    ead initiation - i140 with previous employer

    Yes. You should be able to do it.
  24. User099

    H1B Extension with EB1 Approved

    If PD is current, you can only apply for 1 year extension and not 3 years.
  25. User099

    Admitted until stamped not found

    I think you should be fine if you have a valid I94.