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  1. 1. Its on your record now. All you can do is get some good legal advice and when you go for an interview tell the truth to the VO. 2. You will need leave asap ask you are adding to the unlawful presence by staying. 3. I don't understand on what basis you are planning on applying I290B. You can file one and stay here till its processed, but we both know the outcome of it.
  2. No, USCIS while issuing the extension will not use the passport validity date.
  3. Ask him to send you an email with what and why you should pay him and to which address you should send the check too. I don't think you will need to worry about anything. There are other ways they will spin this and ask the damages and not a direct H1 fees. Check with a Contracts Attorney on this if needed and you can use the email to file a complain to the DOL. Relax!
  4. User099

    Job Change after I140 Approval and impact on EAD

    You can apply for a transfer using I140 from current employer, no issues. EAD application will not be impacted with the transfer.
  5. User099

    Traffic Infractions - H1B Stamping/I140

    You will have to take all the paperwork about the case to visa interview and answers questions on it. No one can tell you if it will be an issue for stamping or not without looking at the details. You have to check with an attorney to see if it will be an issue.
  6. User099

    i140 amendment due to acquisition/merge

    You can leave Company B and join C since you have the I140 approved from A.
  7. If the transfer is denied and you already joined on the receipt notice, you will most likely have to file for a new petition with old employer to go back.
  8. User099

    Promotion and job duties change after I-140 approval

    PERM is for a future position. You should run this by an immigration attorney, its not a simple answer.
  9. User099

    H1B 6 years getting over in 4 months and perm pending

    Yes, you can do this.
  10. User099

    Joining the client in a different role

    You posted it in a wrong section. A is not responding because he doesn't want you to leave and he knows that you can't leave without him saying yes.
  11. User099

    F2 to H1B status transfer

    Whom will you trust, a qualified attorney or an unknown person on a public forum.
  12. User099

    H1B - cap exempt- I140

  13. User099

    H1B Extension - Vermont Processing Times

    No one can tell what will be the impact yet. Just keep track of the processing times for I129 for Vermont on USCIS website.
  14. Then you can file a new case with a NPT as its nothing you could have done to file petition earlier.
  15. It depends on where are you coming from and where did you travel too.
  16. Did you sign any papers relating to this with the new employer?
  17. https://www.murthy.com/2020/02/24/newsflash-public-charge-rule-implemented-nationwide-effective-immediately/
  18. 1. You should apply for extension as soon as you are with in the 6 month window. You never know what tomorrow will be like. 3. No issues if you have 2 pages in passport for extension. You can apply for a new passport and then go for stamping that is fine.
  19. User099

    H1b- Stamping 221g - Request for additional documents

    Is it a true in house project?
  20. User099

    H1b- Stamping 221g - Request for additional documents

    Its better to run this by an immigration attorney for advice. What documents did you submit?
  21. User099

    H1B transfer denied in between COVID-19 epedemic

    TPS is not in the picture yet. You can check with an attorney to see if you can file for a B1/B2 in these circumstances to stay here legally.
  22. User099

    h1b transfer with RFE(layoff)

    1. You can. But its up to the employer to decide if he wants you to start on a receipt notice. 2. Yes, you can stay as you have a pending petition. 3. You should reply within 90 days. If you filed you H1 in premium then the RFE response will also be expedited. If not, you can file premioum with RFE response, I think its around $1400. 4. If the case is denied you will have to leave the country. 5. You might have to check with your employer on this one. 6. Ban is not for Indian Citizens, its for anyone with an Indian Visa. I suppose you are an Indian Citizen. 4.
  23. User099

    H1B Amendment+Extension with new End Client

    1. Most likely you will get an I94 as you have filed the previous extension in time. 2. Its better to leave within a reasonable about of time say 2-3 week to get stamping done.
  24. User099

    H1B transfer multiple companies

    Yes, you can.
  25. PD for a pending I140 can't be transferred to new employer.