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  1. User099

    Extension of B2 visa for my mom due to COVID 19

    You can try, but at this point no one knows if they will approve it or not.
  2. Its still good. We can't predict the future.
  3. 1. She will still has to do biometrics again. 2. Yes 3. It will take 5-6 months for H4, and biometrics will fall somewhere in that duration. Premium is only for H1 and not for H4. Why are you so much worried about H4, she can stay on the receipt notice till she gets the approval.
  4. User099

    i-140 ( h1b in 8th year now)

    If the I140 was approved for more than 180 days, you can still use it even thought its withdrawn.
  5. User099

    Corona travel - EAD

    At this point there are no restrictions for traveling from India to US. Self-isolation is for people going to India and not when you are leaving.
  6. User099

    H4 - questions on DS160

    1. B or C both are acceptable answers. 2. I don't think I134 is needed for H4 visa.
  7. H4 is a dual intent visa, she should be ok to apply for H4.
  8. Did you travel after you applied your previous extension and returned before you received the approval?
  9. 1. Yes 2. Your GC can be done as a future employment and will not depend on your current job, it just helps if you work for the employer filing your GC.
  10. You cant work on H1 receipt when you applied for a COS from H4 to H1. Your H4 and EAD will be valid during the 60 day grace period, you can use them.
  11. User099

    H1b transfer with I-140 Approval Pending

    I140 needs to be approved for more than 180 days for you to maintain the PD when you move to a new employer.
  12. I don't think you can go to Mexico, but you can go to Canada. All consulates follow the same rules when issuing an F1 so it won't be any different. Since you have a NOIR, it might be best to check if there any any risks with an attorney. Be prepared to wait as your is not a straight forward case, so the standard time which is 2- 3 days might not apply to you.
  13. You can certainly give it a try and let me know how it goes. I am just curious. Hope everything works out for you!
  14. Your H1 extension duration will depend on the availability of work your employer can show. If he shows that you have a contract or work for 3 years you will get it. But your Passport expiry will not play any role in it. I was talking about passport extension and you can apply for a passport extension 1 year in advance.
  15. Congrats! All the troubles paid off at last.
  16. User099

    i-140, A to B and to A again

    Emp A will have to do both PERM and I140 again. He can hold the current I140 if he wants.
  17. Not an issue, but you will need I140 to be approved to file for H4EAD.
  18. Its not limited to India, its being done in multiple countries.
  19. I know Premium processing is not cheap, but if you want to fast result that's the best option. Try to get a decision before the I94 expiry date if that's an option. Good luck!
  20. I don't know where you are from, but some countries allow renewals up to 1 year before the expiry date. So don't wait till the last minute.
  21. User099

    H1B transfer denied in between COVID-19 epedemic

    Not everyone is rich enough to afford an health insurance in a "Developed" country. There are lot of good and hard working people who can't afford it due to many reason. Its the failure of the government that it can't provide affordable health care to its citizens.
  22. User099

    H1B Registration Cancellation

    If you don't want to join A, let him know before he files the H1 petition. It will be just nuisance if he files and doesn't withdraw in time.
  23. User099

    H1B - I797B

    Wait till any further update from the consulate, no one has a clue as to what will happen.
  24. If you received an extension after your last entry and never traveled outside the country, then the I94 number you received on your last entry should match the number on your latest I797A. Is it not matching?