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  1. User099

    Passport renewed I-94 expiring

    File an amendment or travel to the border to get a new I94.
  2. User099

    Travel to USA on H1B with a different employer

    You can use the Visa stamp to travel as long as its valid. Gap doesn't matter.
  3. User099

    Help needed in DS160 for Visa stamping

    You can mention married and H1 and H4 can go for stamping at same time. Ofcourse after you both get married and not before the marriage.
  4. User099

    H1B COE or H1B Transfer

    1 Yes 2. Last action rule will not apply to you as you are not changing visa status. 3. No, there is nothing to transfer. If you are not going to join new employer, let him know and he will withdraw the H1. Current employer need not know or do anything.
  5. 1 yes 2 yes No issues, if new employer can file before I94 expiry date.
  6. User099

    H1B Transfer

    1. Yes. 2. Most likely yes. New employer should show that they have work for you for 3 years. Some employer only apply till the current end date of contract with client which can be less than 3 years. 3. If the H4 was recently filed and is approved, then no need to apply again with new employer. But make sure to keep track of the end dates of h4 and your new H1. 4. Why would they not want to use the I140? They will use it if its available.
  7. Your employer or attorney can contact USCIS to get an update if its a PP case and if tis not processed in time ask for a refund.
  8. User099

    H1B receipt

    If you don't receive the receipt notice even after 30 days of sending the package, its better to contact uscis.
  9. User099

    H1B Extension close to 240 days

    Do Premium Processing .
  10. Wait for the I797 petitions to come back and if they come with an I94 then you are good. If not, then you can cross the border and come back in with the visa that is still valid til 2022. You dont need to go for visa stamping again.
  11. User099

    Glitch in LCA

    May be file a new LCA and go with the new one if the old one will take time to fix.
  12. User099

    H1B transfer without I-797A

    You can do that in some cases where you provide then with the approval message from the online portal. Its better to talk this through with the attorney who is going to file the transfer.
  13. User099

    H1b Layoff severance question

    Its better to run this by an attorney since the day you have stopped working for the company, your 60 day grace period starts. You can use the 2 additional months in some cases but that is a little gray area. Severance period is not considered and its counted towards the 60 day grace period.
  14. Yes, you can apply for Extension. The EO doesn't block anyone in US from applying for extension.
  15. User099

    H1B Transfer + Extension - Can we apply ?

    Yes, you can ask for 3 years. I don't think there is any rule that says you can't ask for extension when applying for transfer with 2 years left. If your employer can show the availability of work for 3 years, then they can ask for 3 years. It also should not cross the 6 year limit if you don't have an I140.
  16. User099

    4 day work week for h1bs

    If there is reduction in the number of hours you will work then it will need a new amendment.
  17. It doesn't matter if you resign or not, once the employer has stopped paying you then the job is considered lost. Your 60 day grace period will begin from the day the employer stopped paying you.
  18. User099

    Covid-19 Layoff on h1b and transfer petition

    Ban will not effect you since you already have a valid visa on the day the EO went into effect. Just show the new I797 and old visa and you should be able to re-enter.
  19. User099

    H-4 Stamped & H1b out of cap in progress

    You should consult an attorney if you want to travel while the spouse H1 transfer is in progress. Your H1 is already applied so it will most likely not come with an I94,so you will have to get a visa stamp and come back on H1 to activate it. You can do a new petition after coming to US as a COS from H4 to H1.
  20. User099

    H!B Transfer - Extension Denied - I94 Expired

    You can go to Mexico for stamping. But check if the consulates are open and accepting visa petitions.
  21. User099

    Case Decision Time

    Yes, it happens some times.
  22. User099

    H-1B approval under Consular Processing

    Since it was consular processing, you are not counted against the cap till you get stamping done. You can only transfer after your stamping is done.
  23. If the I140 is approved for 180 days, it can be used for applying for H1 beyond 6 years. I140 can be with an old employer or even if its withdrawn, it can still be used to apply for a new H1. This can be done as long as the I140 PD is not current.
  24. You need to discuss this with an attorney. You should have atleast worked at location Y for few days, then you would have not run into this issue.