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  1. User099

    I94 expired on cbp but valid on i797a

    Need more information... Did you file for an extension or an amendment which might have resulted in an new I797A with the I94 extended till 31 march 2020? When did you get your stamping done and when did you last enter and any petitions files after that?
  2. User099

    I 140 Rule

    No, not before Apr 19th 2020.
  3. User099

    DS160 - Current employment question

    Company B will be your current employer, unless you resign before submitting your DS160.
  4. User099

    H1B transfers

    It depends on your case.
  5. 1. They can appeal the decision. 2. Yes, current employer can apply for a new H1. You will need to leave the country as your I94 is expired and case is denied. 3. Yes, new employer can file a new application. 4. I don't think so as your I94 is expired. An attorney will be the best person to answer this. 5. It takes 7-10 days for the Denial notice to reach you and after that you will have to leave within a reasonable time. I feel 2-3 weeks is reasonable time. Good Luck!
  6. After reading through this I feel you will need an attorney who has experience with cases regarding product based companies. You need to clearly define that you will work for the company which built and sells the product and not at the company that is going to purchase/use the product. 1. A document which clearly define your role and responsibilities in detail. (Don't use too many acronyms) 2. You will need a letter that defines the product upgrade/maintenance project which will need your expertise. 3. A Master service agreement between the end client and the product company which describes the warranty and support plan for the product will help your case. This notice talks about not being able to provide enough evidence to support your case, which I feel can be used in your favor. Provide additional evidence in the new case and it should help you. Hope everything works out for you!
  7. User099

    h1b - working on extension receipt number

    New employer can file for your amendment and extension but it will most likely have to be in consular processing. If you don't want consular processing they can file for extension, but will have to tie it current employer extension which is risky.
  8. duplicate post, already replied.
  9. No issues, joining new Employer anytime after getting an approval notice is the best thing you can do.
  10. There is no such requirement.
  11. User099

    I94 not updated online after Mexico Trip

    Did they issue you a paper I94 while crossing the border from Mexico?
  12. I am confused, can you be clean on who filed you I140 and who applied extension and which petition got approved for consular processing? Can you be more clear? But since your I94 is expired it will be tough to get it extended by filing a new case.
  13. Filing for an extension and getting a decision while I-94 is valid is the best option now a days. Since your employer is not a talking to you that means they will not appeal the decision. Sometimes a fresh case and a new lawyer will be able to able to get you a favorable decision. All the best!
  14. User099

    Child born to G4 visa holder

    Period. End of Story. Its a Fact ...using this will not make every statement you say a fact for everyone else. It is something you believe in and I am not here to change that. Kid Born in US can get an Indian Passport and will be called an Indian Citizen by descent, we can leave it at that.
  15. User099

    Visitor Visa for 80 years age

    For someone who is 80+ there are only 2 conditions: Eligibility criteria for applicants over 80 years of age: I am applying on or after 80th birthday My most recent visa application was not refused.
  16. User099

    H4 EAD extension

    You should include the H1B approval copy or else they will ask for it via a RFE. I think they check for Spouse's valid legal status to process H4 EAD.
  17. Sorry to hear about your situation, hope everything will work out in your favor with the new petition. Why was you petition rejected? Why did they go with 15-1199? What is your job title? 1. They can file while you are here, but you can't use it to stay here. 2. They can file for the same position, its not a duplicate application. You might have to make some changes. 3. There is no rule on when you should leave. 15 days is a reasonable time.
  18. User099

    H1b ext timeline

    Look for an other employer or see if the prime vendor wants to hire you as a direct employee.
  19. User099

    Child born to G4 visa holder

    From both these posts you have proved my point. Again I don't argue the fact that any one born in US is a US Citizen. I am not wrong, but you are not able to understand all the facets of the underlying situation. A child both in US to Indian parents can get a Indian passport and will be treated as an Indian Citizen by decent. India doesn't recognize dual citizenship. SO now what is the status of the child till he comes of age? Is he a US citizen or an Indian Citizen?
  20. Most employers revoke it once you quit the job. You can retain the PD with your new employer if I140 was revoked after 180 days.
  21. User099

    Child born to G4 visa holder

    Everyone born in the US is a US citizen. That is a Fact (oops, sorry its a Fact, a fact and a Fact...LOL). No one is arguing that. But there a some other statements that I don't agree with you on. If someone gives up US citizenship and accepts a citizenship of an other country. Then are you saying that they will never be able to enter US again without taking US citizenship again? Maybe you need to do some reading. https://www.usa.gov/renounce-lose-citizenship#:~:targetText=You will no longer be,country (under certain conditions).
  22. User099

    H1B Dropbox Hyderabad - 221G

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing your experience.
  23. User099

    Requirement of original recent copy I-797A at POE

    Yes, that photocopy should be good.
  24. User099


    Let your employer decide what he wants to do, you can't do anything.
  25. User099

    Child born to G4 visa holder

    I don't agree with you. May be that is something you believing in and I don't have enough proof to prove you wrong at this time.