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  1. I don't think there will be one more lottery.
  2. User099


    You will have 60 days to find a new job or your employer can hires you back in 60 days by filing a new petition. Your wife will be able to work for the 60 days period.
  3. Its better to check with an attorney on what are your options. You can file a B2 petition and use that to stay after May as a temporary measure.
  4. User099

    Furlough in H1B

    1. Yes, 2. Yes 3. No You will have 60 days to find a new job or your employer can hires you back in 60 days by filing a new petition.
  5. No one can predict this. If Visa is rejected, you will have to leave in 2-3 weeks or appeal the denial which will allow you to stay but can't work. If your spouse has H1, then you can go for a H4 visa interview at the consulate with the H1 approval notice. Time taken for the visa slot + any delays in admin/visa processing. Its best to talk with an attorney about your options if you think there are chances of the H1 getting rejected as your have some big changes coming in June. All the best for the baby!
  6. User099

    H4 EAD

    You will have to wait for the H4 EAD to be approved to continue working and can't work while its pending.
  7. H1 has to be employed in US for H4 and H4EAD to be valid.
  8. User099

    B2 visa extension

    What other option do you have other than to apply for an extension currently with all the travel restrictions? Apply for the extension but leave once things are back to normal and don't wait for 6 months.
  9. I think you should be able to apply for a new passport for you mom at SF. You are really short on time, so doing it in tatkal might be best. Check with the consulate ASAP.
  10. User099

    B1/B2 Extension Question

    You need to file an I539 form to extend the stay, you can ask for 6 months. But you should plan on leaving once things are back to normal and don't wait. USCIS might reject the stay if things are back to normal by the time the petition is up for adjudication.
  11. User099

    Can H1B people do options trading?

    What ever @gopalakrishnach said is correct. Can you quantify the Large number of trades you are planning on doing on a day to day basis?
  12. You can file for an extension to the B visa even in normal circumstances. You can use the Covid 19 as the reason for applying for an extension. If there are no means to travel, how does USCIS expects you to leave. Do they expect you to jump into the Atlantic ocean and swim to your home country or what... Its better to apply for an extension and leave once things come back to normal, rather than doing nothing and staying beyond I94 expiry date. You all should be glad that Mr. Joe Facts is not the one adjudicating your petitions.
  13. User099

    Terminate or leave while H4 EAD Extension in Progress

    You can go on unpaid leave. No issues.
  14. User099

    Can we collect payment from Stimulus package on TN

    You will get the check mailed to your home if you filed your taxes last year. I don't think it will be problem if you cash that check. BTW its not free money, it looks like a cash advance from your future taxes.
  15. User099

    I140 180 days rule

    If you I140 is approved for more than 180 days, you can use it with a future employer even if the I140 is withdrawn (after 180days). Check the status on USICS website should let you know if its withdrawn.
  16. User099

    H1B Extension denied; appeal

    Your attorney or employer will have to decide if they want to appeal or not.
  17. User099

    Job loss on H1

    Having a student loan will not qualify under compelling circumstances. You will have 60 days to find a new job.
  18. 1. You will be super lucky if this happens. 2. You can stay on H4 and move back to H1 once I140 is approved.
  19. User099

    H4 case filing after H1B denial

    You can't do a COS if your I94 is expired and extension petition is denied. You will need to leave to apply for H4.
  20. User099

    Change of status: F2 to H1B

    Its not recommended to change your status within 90 days. If you do, you will be treated as lying to the office at POE i.e. your always had intentions to work and which is against F visa. Check with an immigration attorney to discuss options.
  21. User099

    H1B Transfer while Amendment and Extension in Progress

    1. Your petition will not be a bridge petition if Emp B applies before Apr 10th. 2. Yes 3. Leave the country or appeal the denial.
  22. Yes,but it will be a consular processing petition most likely which means if approved you will need to get visa stamped to work for them.
  23. User099

    H1 transfer rfe maintainance of status

    Just need to reply back with your Current employer extension receipt notice and you should be good. Nothing much to worry about.
  24. You can apply for a COS to B visa or appeal the denial notice and stay. Its best to discuss your options with your legal team or an attorney in such sensitive matters.