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  1. Yes, they can leave while its pending. It should not have any impact for the future too, if this is the only time B2 applicant had to do something like this.
  2. User099

    B2 I-94 Extension of stay in the US

    1. You can apply for a Max of 6 months. 2. None 3. I don't think any of this is needed.
  3. User099

    What is current wait time for H4 And H4 EAD

    Check in the USCIS site for wait times for I539 and I765 forms.
  4. Stamping will be the quickest way to move back to H4 from H1. You can use your EAD once you go back to H4. You should be able to move back to H1 by applying under CAP exempt later on no need for stamping as you have already been counted and you COS was approved.
  5. User099

    L1B to H4 EAD

    a. Apply for H4 and H4EAD together by filing I539 and I765 b. H4 and EAD will take 6 months min, if she has L1 during this time she can work. c. Its upto the employer d. You can do it by your self, no need of employer support unless they are willing to pay for it. Better to take legal help from an attorney if you are not sure, they typically charge $500 for each form.
  6. User099

    Missed H4 Biometrics Appointment

    Contact an immigration attorney to file for an Extension asap.
  7. No, if your I94 is already expired.
  8. Get passport Extended and travel out of country to get a new I94 or apply for an extension. But don't stay with an expired I94 as that will put you out of status. BTW this is a public forum. For any legal advice you will have to call Murthy law firm office directly.
  9. 1. Sit tight and wait. 2. You can go on unpaid leave, but you will have to file for a B2 to cover the gap in status to stay legally. You can't work after you EAD is expired.
  10. User099

    H1B Consular Processing

    I don't think you can use it, but you should check with an attorney for confirmation.
  11. Yes. No Yes, They can also file under Consular processing, so check with Emp C on how they plan on filing. You will have to wait for B's approval to join them.
  12. User099

    L1 to H1 Transfer

    1. Yes, if COS is approved. 2. Yes 3. H1 will start from Oct 1st, so you can plan accordingly for the notice period. 4. If you don't want to join after approval, let your new employer know before Oct 1st to withdraw the H1 and IF USCIS doesn't mess it up then you will be on L1. Its better to discuss with an immigration attorney as there are other scenarios too which can come out of this.
  13. User099

    H1B 2020

    There is nothing to withdraw as you just applied for the lottery. Its your employer who will decide if they want to file a petition or not.
  14. What documents did they ask? Are they something you can submit easily? Its always better to talk to an attorney when it comes to issues like over staying.
  15. You can file I539 on your own and don't wait long to do it. It doesn't look like the things are going to get any better in the next 15 days unless there is a miracle. Stay safe!
  16. 1. No 2. No 3. Most likely Yes 4. Most likely Yes 5. 1. A is not doing a favor for you, he is running a business (not a charity) and will do what is best for him. You should also do the same. 5.2 B seems to be a good person who is willing to wait for you for 6-8 months. Bottom line, its risky to join on receipt notice and looks like you know that. Do what is best for you and your employers will be fine.
  17. User099


    If you apply for a H1 and if its approved and you don't have a job (I doubt it will be approved with no Client letter or SOW/PO), then you will have to apply for a COS to H4 again or travel and come back using your H4 visa. If you apply for H1 and its not approved, you will be on H4.
  18. Yes. You can apply for a cap exempt H1B anytime using your I140.
  19. User099

    Change employer without H1B Activation

    I don't think you can do it when you have a Consular processing case pending. You can check with an attorney to confirm it.
  20. User099

    Asylum in case of Covid-19

    I seriously doubt COVID will qualify as a reason for Asylum when you have the same virus here in US. How will you prove that you have a life threat in you home country and prove that you are safe here? But you get a star for the creative thought.
  21. User099


    Good, keep us posted.
  22. User099

    Furlough in H1B

    How do you maintain the EE relationship when there is no work or pay? Its not a good idea to make decisions on someone from a helpline. Take some legal help from an attorney.
  23. User099


    If the office is closed, they still need to be paid or laid off. Normally you need to list the remote location also in the LCA. In these current situation, I think it might be ok. But its better to check with an attorney.