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  1. User099

    H1b layoff

    You will need to leave the country in 60 days if you can't find a new job. Due to some reason you are not able to travel, you can apply for a B2 visa and continue to stay till things get better. Your H1 will be done in 60 days if you can't fine a job and B2 will just help you so that you don't fall out of status. But you will need to leave once things are back to normal and don't wait for the B2 to be adjudicated.
  2. User099

    Working from India on H1B

    You are not on H1 when you are in India, so there is no question of filing an LCA or a H1 amendment.
  3. User099

    H1B Extension denied; Other available options to continue my stay

    1. Check with your attorney and employer to see if you can appeal the denial. We can't tell you without knowing the details of the denial. 2. You need an extension as your H1 petitions have expired. You can't work right now and with an expired I94, I don't think you can file an extension and work on receipt. 3. You can apply for B2, but check with an attorney as your have an I94 that's expired. 4. At this point I only see one option which is leave the country asap. I know you might not like this option. 5. You can't work so no payroll. Insurance will depend on your employer. 6. 2-3 week if you are not doing an appeal. If you do an appeal, you can stay while its pending but can't work. I can take up to 8 -9 months for the appeals to be adjudicated. 7. Yes, but you will have to leave and come back to activate it. Consult an Attorney and not a public forum when things are this serious.
  4. User099

    H1B CAP 2021 Filing Multiple petitions

    1. Is it legal? Yes. If USCIS comes back for an audit or review, can you prove that both these are genuine job offers? 2. Just since you have 2 petitions will not lead to the denial. 3. If both get approved, you can pick which employer you want to work for and the other employer will withdraw his petition.
  5. User099

    Two H1 Jobs at Same time

    Its legal. Just need to be a concurrent H1.
  6. Your attorney will be the best one to advice you in such cases.
  7. User099

    AVR with expired h1b stamping on old passport.

    Its better to talk to an attorney. There are no changes to AVR.
  8. User099

    Need urgent help - H1B Cap Exempt

    You completed 6 years, you can't use H1 until you have an I140 or if you go thought the lottery again.
  9. User099

    Need advice re stamping in Canada

    No one can answer this, everyone can just guess but that will not be worth anything.
  10. If you can travel to India they will allow you in, just the flights are restricted.
  11. User099

    H1B to H4EAD to H1B

    Your company will have to file for a change of status for ro convert from h4 to h1 and you can use the remaining period of your h1.
  12. User099

    Need help on my H1B Status.

    You should be able to work if the old job is still available and if your employer is paying you as per the LCA.
  13. User099

    Stay in amendment denied location without work

    You need to talk to an attorney about this.
  14. Wait for the denial notice and see why it was denied, in the mean time may be work with your employer or other employer to file a new H1. Yes, you can go back to your old employer if the H1 is still active.
  15. User099

    Approved H1B Extension is backdated

    In most cases you can file an extension and a NPT as its back dated.
  16. User099

    H1B Approved and then Reopened

    Check with your employer or attorney if they got any notice or not. I think its just an error on the USCIS site.
  17. Apply for COS to B2 and leave once things get better. Don't wait for the B2 to be adjudicated and don't think you can switch back to H1 without leaving the country.
  18. As long as you are getting paid by Consultant A you might be fine. But its better to check with an attorney about what are the risks if your petition by A gets denied after you move to new employer.
  19. Yes, new employer can also file for a transfer while extension is pending. Chances of approval can only be answered by your employer and attorney.
  20. User099

    H1B Extension vs H1b Transfer

    Its not safe, but its your decision to make weather to accept the risk or not.
  21. User099

    Double petitions?

    I think you can.
  22. Your employer to attorney will get it via regular mail, it normally take 1-2 weeks. Now it can take longer.
  23. You need to be paid as per your LCA and if you are not then your employer should be amending the LCA appropriately.