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  1. You can apply for COS to B2 and travel to India when things are back to normal.
  2. User099

    H1b layoff

    How is this relevant to the question here?
  3. User099

    Case Was Reopened For Reconsideration (We didn't file MTR)

    I would not read too much into these online updates. I will wait for the decision to be made and only a hard copy of the notice will mean anything.
  4. User099

    Requesting help on I-94 expiration

    Try to call your local CBP office and see if they can help. In these current conditions hopefully they can make some arrangement. If not talk to an immigration attorney to see what are your option, travel or file a petition.
  5. User099

    Two H1 Jobs at Same time

    If he is smart enough to do 2 job at the same time, then he should be smart enough to read through his employment agreement to see if there is a non-compete and other clauses in the contract. :) Don't get me wrong, I agree with what you said. But I will not be the one to say working 80 hrs/week and have a life is practically impossible, I will let his decide how he wants to handle it.
  6. User099

    I140 EB2 transfer

    You can use the I140 if its approved for more than 6 months and you need not be employer by that employer. Yes, you can use your I140 with future employer.
  7. User099


    If the business is on your name and you are the sole owner for it (your wife can't work for it on H4 if she looses EAD), who will you be treated as a passive investor?
  8. User099

    B2 stay extension

    You should check with an attorney on this.
  9. User099

    F1 expiring with approved H1 in Consular notification

    You can go to Canada. Unless you join a collage again and extend F1, you will have to get stamped as you said to be in status.
  10. User099

    I140 approved and Laid Off

    You can't use the I140 if its not approved for more than 6 months to transfer to new employer. If your current employer agrees to keep you I140 active for 6 months, you can use it after 6 months for applying an extension.
  11. Its better to talk to an attorney and take some legal advice in such situations.
  12. User099

    H1 to H4 and H4EAD, please help

    1. Yes 2. If you get EAD approved, you can use it to do the same job. 3. Mostly yes. 4. You can apply anytime. Why do you want to be on H1 when you have the option on H4 and EAD? You can always go back to H1 anytime.
  13. User099

    File i-539 and EAD renewal together

    Fees you can find in the USCIS site. EAD can be applied at the same time by submitting an I765 and supporting documentation for it in the same packet with I539.
  14. User099

    H4 expires but H4 EAD is valid

    No, you need H4 to be able to use the EAD.
  15. If you think the H1 extension will be approved then staying put is the best thing at this point. New H1 will be risky and you will have to leave the country or do a bridge petition.
  16. User099

    2021 Lottery Second Round

    Overstaying on the basis of a rumor that there will be a second lottery is risky. You need to move to a new visa status before your current status ends to stay safe.
  17. What is the RFE about? I think attorney can reply to the RFE and at the same time file an amendment for the new location. Check with your attorney on how they plan on handling this.
  18. User099

    end to end validity of a H1B

    You can use the remaining 2 years as of now. We can't predict what will happen by 2030.
  19. Yes, but it should be the same job for which the original petition was filed at location A.
  20. Yes, you can work. But you should withdraw the H4 petition once you get the H1 receipt number.
  21. Check with an attorney to consider your legal options.
  22. You can apply for B2. But won't it be easier to hire a movers and move all your stuff to storage or any other place rather than traveling. Documents and other items can be sent via someone else or fedex. Just saying...
  23. User099

    Case Was Reopened For Reconsideration (We didn't file MTR)

    Premium processing is suspended so it looks like they are looking into your case now.
  24. User099

    Grace period

    60 days or I94 expiry date which ever is shorter.
  25. You don't need to inform B or C of each other petitions. If any other employer will file a new petition for you before one of these current petitions are adjudicated, you will have to let new employer know about B/C's petitions as USCIS will like to know under what legal status you are staying after the 60 day grace period is done.