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  1. User099

    H4 EAD at loss of pay

    That's illegal. You can't work without an Employment authorization and get paid later.
  2. Yes, you can. H4 will be approved after the H1 transfer is approved.
  3. Since her COS was not approved and she did not get stamped, so she was not counted towards the CAP. I don't think she can use the Old H1.
  4. User099

    H1b extension due to COVID

    I don't think you can. There are no new changes to the current rules.
  5. Filing an amendment is better.
  6. User099

    H1 Extension Denied, I94 Expired, Next Steps

    Its better to talk to an attorney and discuss your options. I think you can file for a B2 and stay while things get better.
  7. User099

    H1B renewal with i140 in eb1c

    Yes. You will need the approval by the time you file for an extension.
  8. User099

    Entering US border by road during COVID19

    I am sure someone must have, but why do you ask?
  9. USICS is giving extensions on the basis of the availability of work. If you can't show work for all 3 years and ask for extension for 3 years then this is raising an RFE. I think this is the outcome of one of the memos that came out couple of years ago. I don't know providing any additional documentation will solve this RFE, other than the client changing the end date in the client letter to show 3 years of work. You can talk to an attorney to get a second opinion from what ever your attorney is working on.
  10. Don't you have an SSN? You can send a copy of that, ITIN is not for you. I think separate checks is better. Include I94 of you and your husband's in EAD list.
  11. User099


    If your wife looses her EAD, she will not be eligible to work. You are on H1 so you can't work for the business. Who will be managing the business then? If the business is on your name, you will not be treated as a passive investor but as an owner who manages the business. You need to find someone who has a EAD/GC/Citizen who can own and manage the business when your wife is not working for it.
  12. You need to talk to an attorney for legal advice in such circumstances.
  13. User099

    H1 maxout

    No, rules are still the same for H1 no change.
  14. USCIS will process your petition if it was applied before I94 expiry and it doesn't matter if your current visa is expired.
  15. User099

    Change of status options COIVD-19

    You might want to check with an attorney since your COS was once denied before applying again.
  16. User099

    H1B extension post I94 expiry

    There are no new rules due to COVID 19. Old rules for H1 still apply. You need to talk to your attorney to see how they want to file a new petition for amendment with Extension pending. I think this can be done without traveling.
  17. User099

    i140 petition

    You should be able to maintain the PD from your old employer with new employer's I140. Emp A need not do anything, you need not even inform him of this. Emp B will file PERM and I140 and at that point they will be able to port your old date. For GC EAD, you will need your I140 to be approved for Emp B.
  18. You should send them the H4 receipt notice and USCIS should be able to tie H4 and H4EAD applications.
  19. User099

    H1-B RFE on Speciality Occupation

    1. You will have to leave the country and come back on a new H1. 2. Yes, but you will still have to leave the country and come back. 3. You can file for a new H1 and get it stamped to come back. 4. Yes 5. 2-3 weeks after you receive the hard copy of the denial notice.
  20. User099

    I 129 update not received.

    If you filed an amendment and waiting for the response and reaching the end date for H1, you can file for an extension.
  21. User099

    Delay in Receipt Generation due to Covid-19

    If the checks are cashed then that is a good sign. Receipt notices should show up in a week or so.
  22. You should stop copy pasting this link as this doesn't change any of the H1 rules.
  23. You might have to check with your attorney and if he is not quite sure then reachout to a much experienced law firm like Murthy.
  24. It looks to me that you are asking for H1 beyond the project end date mentioned in the Client letter, is that the case?
  25. Not a good idea getting struck in a third country in such conditions with no end in sight. This might be cheaper, but risk is very high.