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  1. 1 a. You can get extensions using I140 b. Yes, you can. c. I don't know, depends on your case. 2. You can complete 485 process and interview and then come to US. Talking to an attorney will be a best.
  2. User099

    H4 Issue

    Apart from the usual questions, they will ask you why did you overstay your visa. Hope you have a good answer for that. There is no documentation for being negligent. Don't try to lie and cover it up it will put you in more trouble. All the best!
  3. Best option in this case is to file a new I765 petition. Its a mistake on the USCIS side and there is nothing you can prove or do. If you don't want to go with an attorney, make sure someone else reviews the documentation before you submit it. Sometimes people tend to overlook smaller details.
  4. User099

    I-140 Help and information needed

    1. It will depend on how long is your current project. 2. If A requests it to be withdrawn then USCIS will do it. 3. Yes, till B's I140 is approved. 4. Yes.
  5. Not advisable. But what is your other option?
  6. User099


    The recent wait time is 8-9 months approx.
  7. User099

    Reg: I-140 and H4 EAD

    No, you will have to start over.
  8. User099

    H4 EAD and Invest in Business

    I think so, but to be clear sign a power of attorney to your partner for a paper trail. I feel this is fine, its just my personal opinion.
  9. Yes. Yes. But in the current environment I will advice to wait for approval if you can. Yes.
  10. User099

    H1B 7th year extension

    If your 6 years are getting over on Feb 2020, they did the attorney file for extension till Aug 2021?
  11. Did this approval notice come back with a I94 extended till July 2021? 1. Yes 2. Yes, if you have a valid I94 for the earlier H1 Petition.
  12. 1. a You can stay as long as the decision on your application is pending. RFE is not the end of the application process. b. Yes, but since your I94 is expired it will most likely be under consular processing. 2. a. You can go and request them at the ASC to see if they can take your fingerprints. Mostly cases they will accept it. b. Not your H1, but their H4 will be denied since they did not show up for biometrics and will be out of status.
  13. Yes, you are fine to be on unpaid vacation while your EAD is pending.
  14. Since you are getting a visa extension on the based of an approved I140, they will most likely ask for a copy of it. If you have the copy of the petition and if it mentions that it was approved, that might be enough.
  15. User099

    H4 to F1 Transfer

  16. User099

    H1B case was denied after RFE

    Employer can appeal the denial. If you I94 is valid, they can refile a new petition and you can stay.
  17. User099


    Soft copy should be good enough.
  18. User099

    USCIS Chicago center?

    I don't think Chicago processes I129 forms.
  19. User099

    H Cap Exempt and i140 approval

    Yes, you are cap exempt. You will have to leave as your I94 is expired. Check the I129 processing timing on USCIS for the latest.
  20. User099

    H1B transfer

    You can do it. If you don't think Company B's petition will be approved, apply for transfer to Company C via consular processing. Safest option.
  21. User099

    RFE issued with Employer Employee Relationship

    You can send the msa and the email or conversation that says they don't issue a client letter. It worked in some cases.
  22. If I was you, I would use this Given Name: XYZSurname: LNU
  23. User099

    Reg: I-140 and H4 EAD

    Your I140 with Emp A should be approved for more than 180 days before you can use it with Emp B. Also you can use this I140 from Emp A for all future extensions after the 180 day period. 2. Most Likely Yes. 3. Make sure your employer agrees to not revoke your I140 for 180 days even if you are not on their payroll. 4. If your employer revokes it before 180 days, then the Priority date is gone. You will get a new Priority date next time. If you apply today its an estimated 150 year wait time for GC's, it really doesn't matter what is your priority date. 5. Future extensions and H4EAD (while it lasts).
  24. User099

    H1B Change of Employer Petitions