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  1. User099

    H4 EAD to H1B

    Its up to you.
  2. User099

    Expired I94

    Its good to check with an attorney about your options before going to a Mexico. I don't want you to be struck there with some other reason. May be filing an NPT will be able to fix it and you don't need to travel at all.
  3. This is not right. You can't work for Emp B if you get a I797B till you get a visa stamped and travel back. 1. No. 2. Its up to your Emp B as to how long he is willing to wait. 3. I would atleast wait for 1-2 paychecks from Emp B to initiate the transfer.
  4. User099

    H1B petition outside of normal processing times

    Your employer or attorney should now be able to raise a service request to check what is the status of the case and get an update.
  5. User099

    F1 Visa while having an expired H1B

    You should be able to use the remaining period of H1.
  6. User099

    Recapture of H1B unused time

    I don't know of any such rule that says the H1 will expire in 6 years of last use. You can use the a total of 6 years without an I140 as cap exempt. So you will have 5.5 years remaining.
  7. If that is the case, then there is no direct relationship between your employer and End Client. But mostly the End Client is the one that would be treated as an Client and the Implementation partner will be treated as a vendor (also depends on the nature of business of your Implementation partner). If the End client is ready to give you the letter, then I am not sure why/if the Implementation partner will have any issues with it.
  8. A new petition when filed after your I94 expiry date will be a bridge or a Consular processing case.
  9. User099

    AVR with expired h1b stamping on old passport.

    Yes, you should be able to use it.
  10. You can apply with a photocopy of i797, they will still verify if the copy you submitted is correct within their system.
  11. Strange! Generally H1 is approved first then H4. Hopefully H1 will also be approved in few days.
  12. User099

    Pay check more than LCA wage

    There is not rule for it, but I would say 10-15% (if you get 5% hike per year for 3 years) will be reasonably allowed.
  13. User099

    H4 EAD after i140 is revoked

    Even if its revoked, you can use the I140 for applying for H4 EAD.
  14. User099

    H4 work permit

    This is Wrong. If you are in US, then US Labor laws will apply.
  15. User099

    Can I change my status to H1?

    Yes, you can use the remaining of your H1 period.
  16. User099

    H4 validity query

    Yes, H4 is valid till Dec 2020.
  17. She is good as she has a I94 from her approved H4. But if you want to clear any confusion you can travel and get a new I94.
  18. User099

    Notice of intent to revoke

    Talk to your employer and your attorney. Hopefully they will reply to the notice.
  19. User099

    H1b RFE response

    Its just confusing for the officer working on the case with 2 dates one in SOW and other in Client letter. Try to get them to match. Your attorney should have known that there is a mismatch and might lead to a RFE. I think they might have also added the Specialty Occupation to the RFE, that's the reason they are asking for additional roles and responsibilities.
  20. Your employer or attorney might have received the I797B. Check with them.
  21. You are on H1 currently and can use it for 2 months. Best option will be to leave and get H4 visa stamped and come back. Once you are back you should be able to use the H4 EAD.
  22. User099

    H1b to H4 transfer.

    There is no rule that all cap subject H1 need to be adjudicated by October 1st. So don't count on it. If she is selected in lottery, you can always apply for H4 after her H1 petition is submitted. H4 will start from the day the H4 peititon is approved. best option would be to go for stamping and come back as it will be quick then waiting for H4 COS to be approved. If you really want to quit your job and still stay here, its better to talk to an attorney about all the COS options and fully understand the implications.
  23. You are eligible for cap exempt anytime. No time limit.
  24. User099

    H1B Transfer

    Its not safe to join on receipt notice. If the case is denied and your current employer withdraws the petition, you will have to scramble around for filing a new petition.
  25. User099

    498 a visa Stamping Mexico DS160

    Its better to check with someone who know Indian law and US immigration law, may be Murthy law firm in India might be a good option.