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  1. User099

    H4 Visa Stamping without H1B Holder Valid Visa

    Honestly I have not heard of such a rule. You get generally get H4 visa stamped till the validity of spouse I797 regardless of spouse visa.
  2. Yes, its safe to travel. If your old I140 is valid for more than 180 days you are good to use it.
  3. It will not be a problem. Do they also have valid I94's?
  4. You can stay till 24th and only work after you receive your I797 Receipt number.
  5. This should help you. Its better if you can fill one and take it to ASC appointment and see if they can change , but not necessary.
  6. Check if the visa class is H1 or F1.
  7. User099

    Urgent: 7th Year, with previous I-140

    I don't think that will be an issue.
  8. If this was filed as a bridge petition, then it will be tied to your Emp A's approval. So better talk to attorney for Emp B and see if they suggest you to go for stamping if Emp A withdraws the petition. Your Emp A petition should have been adjudicated by now, it more than 240 days.
  9. Your visa can be used for business and pleasure. Just make sure you have your complete itinerary (business and vacation) to show at the Port of entry and not just your Employer letter.
  10. User099

    H4 to F1 conversion

    You can study while you are on H4. You can also apply for COS to H4 to F1. You can go for stamping too without applying for COS.
  11. User099

    Blank Pages for US Visa Stamping

    You will get visa on one page and travel with 1 empty page. Unless you have a strong reason, I would suggest you to apply for a new passport and then travel or else be prepared to wait in line at Indian Immigration if they raise any objections.
  12. User099

    Traveling to India on CPT

    If you are worried about traveling with 3 months of valid visa, then that will not be an issue. But proving that you are actually doing Phd and not just working on CPT and using PhD as a reason to stay on F1 might be an issue.
  13. User099

    H4 Extension - Multiple Applications

    Even if Emp B withdraws H1 and H4 petitions, you are fine as you already have approvals from Emp A and working for Emp A.
  14. User099

    H1B stamping: New employer only 1 pay check

    As many as you can take is always good. If you worked for the new employer for only 1 month, you will have only 1 paycheck right. Nothing to worry there.
  15. User099

    H1 -> H4 + H4EAD

    Yes, provided your spouse has an approved I140.
  16. User099

    H1B Transfer Query,

    Can you wait for Company B's approval and then switch to Company C? That will be ideal to do. Convert the Company B's petition to Premium processing and hope it will result in a decision in 2 weeks. My guess is Company C doesn't want to file its case as a bridge application and depend on Company B's decision.
  17. User099

    H4 Stamping with H1 Approval through Email

    Cool, Congrats and glad everything worked out well for you!
  18. User099

    Can we travel when h1b is in rfe

    Same answers as above. They apply for your case too. Your Change of Status might be denied as you will get a new I94 after you come back. Talk to your attorney and see what they suggest.
  19. With no job, no spouse in home country to come back it is difficult to prove she enough ties to the home country to come back. First time was a risk and 2nd time you are making her look desperate for a Visa.
  20. User099

    I quit Job before my H1 got approved

    If your employer has not revoked your H1 and your Sevis is canceled, you are on H1 currently. If you are not working for the employer, you might be out of status. Talk to an attorney to make sure everything is good before its too late.
  21. User099

    H1b final year and i140

    If you know your A number which might be on your H1 approval notice (incase you applied for extension using your I140) and file a FOIA you might get a copy of it.
  22. Was Your initial application filed as 1 application working for 2 clients or was it applied as 2 separate applications?
  23. You will have 30 days after you receive your denial to leave the country. But if you receive you denial, there is be no option to apply for a transfer or change to a different visa class so better do it before your denial. Make hay while the sunshines. You will need the receipt number by atleast 11-14 to continue working for Emp A or you can resume work after you get the receipt number. You can't say for sure that the receipt will be issues in a day. I cant advice anything. Talk to an attorney for legal advice.
  24. User099

    Blank Pages for US Visa Stamping

    If you can let us know how many pages you have, we might be able to answer your question better than going back and forth. 1 page for US visa 1 page for India immigration exit and entry stamp. They might give you a hard time if there is not enough space for them to stamp. Its upto you to pick up an argument there or get a new passport and to travel, if there is not enough space.
  25. User099

    I quit Job before my H1 got approved

    Do you know if your employer has revoked your H1 before October? Check if your SEVIS is still active. There is a 60 day grace period if you are on H1.