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  1. No issues, you can file 2 cases by different employers. They are separate petitions.
  2. User099

    Facing a weird situation with H1-B and LLC

    Its not a "benign" mistake, you need to check with an Attorney about it.
  3. User099

    I797 Date is Incorrect

    You can't start with the new employer on 6/8/2020 as the petition is not approved for this date. Why did your employer apply for the start date as 4/21/21? Was it a mistake in the paperwork or a mistake by USCIS? If the mistake is by USCIS, they should be able to fix it if your employer reaches out to them.
  4. User099

    Publishing book during H1B

    I think its legal, I see this in the same way as buying a house, renting it out and collecting rent on it. Good luck with your book!
  5. User099

    H1 extension and transfer at the same time

    You can apply both H1's (extension and Transfer) at the same time, no issues. Both are separate petitions and will not have any impact on each other. Once they are approved, you can pick which company you want to work for.
  6. You need to consult an attorney.
  7. User099

    H1b Renewal/Transfer on old I-140

    That's right.
  8. All you said will only apply till you have not singed the offer letter. After you sign the offer letter, you have to stick to the agreement.
  9. You should have got a new I94 when you filed for H1 which had the I94 expiry date on it. Were you on F1 before converting to H1? You might have got the i94 with D/S for F1. I replied to your other post, check there. You are getting confused by the 180 days period, there is no such 180 day period while you are H1.
  10. User099

    H1b Rehire rules

    Technically your employer will have to do a new H1 to hire you back if they already did the H1 withdrawal process. But since its just been 2 week and they are hiring you to the same work location you might have some flexibility there. If your employer can pay you for the 2 weeks and doesn't show it as a gap in employment, you should be good. I know what the law is so if anyone is thinking of quoting me to mention that its the law to withdraw H1 when employment is terminated, you can skip it. How is the salary different? is it more or less than the current LCA amount? If its more you might be ok, but if its less then an amendment will be needed as it will look like you will be paid less than the original LCA.
  11. User099

    H1B RFE- CoS Question

    1. Yes 2. It will not have any impact on the petition, but the order in which they are approved will play a important role. The last petition that get approved will determine the status you will end up on. If H1 is denied and H4 and EAD is pending, you can't work.
  12. User099

    H1B Amedment

    Yes, amendment can be filed any time there is change in the job. Even if its 1 year before. Original petition will still hold good only if you still have the old job for which the H1 was applied.
  13. You will need to inform the 2nd employer about your other job and they will have to do a concurrent H1 for you to work for both companies. Why do you care what others do and how they are working 2 job or 80 hrs/week, think about yourself and how you are going to do it.
  14. User099

    Visa stamping in India during Covid 19

    You go to the consulate for Visa stamping, that is the process. There is no alternative to that.
  15. For H1 transfers there is no 240 day limit.
  16. You heard something and you interpreted it in a different way. You have 60 days of grace period after last day of employment to find a new job and do a H1 transfer. If you can't find a job, switch over to B2 (apply before the 60 day period ends) and stay for nearly 6 months. In this period you can find a new Job and file for a H1. But you can't work till the H1 is approved and it comes back with a I94. Its better you discuss all this with an attorney.
  17. User099

    Question related to H1B transfer

    1. Yes, you can do it. New job, New h1. 2. No issues. Denial will depend on the application merits.
  18. User099

    H1B COE with multiple employers and H-4

    No issues, Emp B can file H4 extension while the other one is pending.
  19. Told you so 😉 Glad everything was fixed without much pain!
  20. Everyone is asking you for the source of your information? Do you have a cousin in the whitehouse who is tipping you with this information? You need to answer these questions first before giving us with information from more of your 4 am dreams.
  21. User099

    H1B petetion withdrawal

    1. No issues 2. No issues
  22. User099

    H1b Renewal/Transfer on old I-140

    1. Yes 2. Yes
  23. User099

    H1b Denied today! What are my options?

    EAD under i140 compelling circumstances is also an option.
  24. User099

    H1-B Extension and EO : Overnight Vs 2-3 Delivery

    Don't believe in such news till you actually see the EO being signed.
  25. User099

    Document required for EAD renewal

    Proof of H1 validity, Proof of H4 validity, Visa, I94's, Passport copies, Photos and Marriage certificate,