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  1. You can do this, enter back to USA using my previous company (Company-A) Visa stamped in my passport (which is valid till 14-May-2020) and submit the Company-B H-1B petition at the port-of-entry
  2. User099

    i140 Question

    No, you will have to file a new H1 and get a visa if your visa is expired and travel back. You will be cap exempt. Same applies for both same or diff employers.
  3. User099

    H1B filing with two company

    You should be ok if both of these are genuine job offers from 2 separate companies. http://forum.murthy.com/topic/127671-h1b-cap-and-the-new-registration-process/?do=findComment&comment=476059
  4. User099

    H1b Approval

    No, No problem as both are H1's. But I would recommend checking with an attorney to see if you need to withdraw the 2018 approved petition. Also if there are multiple I94's from these petition then better to get that fixed too.
  5. User099

    H1b marital status

    I don't think you have to provide your marital status information while filing H1. You should be fine.
  6. Without knowing your previous immigration history prior to April 2019 it is tough to say how it will impact your future H1. Do you know any details of the 221G?
  7. User099

    Travel with Automatic Visa Revalidation

    Even after switching employers you should be able to use AVR if you meet the other requirements like not more than 30 days and not going for visa stamping and few more. I don't see any time limit which says the visa should not have expired in past 1 year or something like that.
  8. You will be cap exempt and don't have to go through the lottery. Leaving 2 weeks is fine, since you will have to go for a visa again.
  9. Extension should be filed.
  10. Just having a visa stamp will not have any issues.
  11. Yes, kid can stay for more than 1 year on OCI. After 4 years apply for new passport and renew OCI.
  12. No time limit, its up to you.
  13. User099

    I140 revoke

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Basically your employer can withdraw you I140 anytime if he wishes so.
  14. If the marriage is not legally recognized in India, how did they issue the passport for your mother with a spouse name. Do they have a marriage certificate? From what I know polygamy is allowed in Muslims in India. I am assuming you are a Muslim. Anyway we are not her to discuss your parents marriage... I would say you should enter the details as per their marriage certificate or list them as husband and wife in DS 160. Tell the truth to the CO and let them decide what to do. Even if visa is rejected, that is better than getting barred for lying to a CO. One thing to note is that they are applying for B2 and not H4 or L2 for which CO's need to verify that the applicants are legally married. You might have to check with an attorney (Murthy law firm office in India might be better in your case).
  15. When you travel back you will get your I94 which will be valid only till 18th Nov 2020.
  16. User099

    Move from H1 to H4 and vice versa

    1. Yes. 2. Yes 3. Yes. Just make sure if your spouses job is stable on H1.
  17. USCIS is not processing H1 and H4 together. You can apply Premium processing and try your luck to see if they it processing together.
  18. I don't think you can transfer to Emp A as your was approved under consular processing. If Emp A is applying for a new H1 in March, it will not have any impact from old H1 approval.
  19. User099

    H1B/ H4 EAD Extension

    Its better to file H1 and H4 and EAD extensions at the same time so that they will have the same end date. H1 Extension will need to be approved for H4/EAD to be approved. No, she can't work if EAD is expired.
  20. Don't read too much into the online updates, wait for the approval notice. You should get the notice in a week or so. Online updates are just a thing to keep track, they are not really useful.
  21. User099

    H1-B Cap-exempt : Out of status?

    1. Yes 2. You will have to leave if you can't apply for a new petition by I94 expiry date. You don't need new visa if you have a valid visa from old employer. No, you are not out of status. Revoke notice is nothing to worry about. Your employer has revoked your H1 as you don't work for them anymore.
  22. It will depend on how the contract is between all the parties. Run this by an attorney with a sample letter that Client B might give you. Even if you apply for amendment it will be risky to move on receipt notice. It will be best to wait for approval to join.
  23. User099

    H1B Filing

    Its better to have the payroll to be run by the same company that does the h1, or else you are inviting an RFE asking why. H1 by a small company is fine as long as they meet all the requirements.
  24. User099

    H1B Extension

    Get the email or conversation print where they say client doesn't give a verification letter and you should be able to use it. Make sure the letter from vendor says the right to control is not with prime vendor or Client but with employer only.