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  1. New passport number. If you have traveled or not it doesn't matter.
  2. User099


    Your DS-160 should have the receipt number of the approval notice which you are taking for visa stamping. If its not the same as the one you submitted, then fill a new DS160 and take it to ASC and have it updated when you go for fingerprinting.
  3. 1. Not enough details to answer this for you, talk to an attorney to see if you are good to stay after these denials. 2. Yes
  4. User099

    I-539 - H4 Extn - Question 14 help

    Your answer will be No, since you have not yet started working for the School District as on 12/16/2019. They will give you an offer letter, but that doesn't mean you are employed and considered working till you actual first day of work.
  5. Why did you not apply for their extension along with your amendment? Best option will be to leave the country and get stamping done. Before that talk to an attorney to make sure you are not missing anything.
  6. You can stay as long as you have atleast one petition pending adjudication after I94 expiry date.
  7. Make sure to carry all the required docs and be prepared to answer all questions. You will only know the answer to this after the interview.
  8. No one can advice you on weather to go for stamping or not, it will be your personal decision. You have a good job, all documents and have been working legally, then there is nothing for you to fear. Nothing wrong in working for a staffing company, but if you have that doubt in your mind then better search for a job at a direct client. If you decide to go for stamping and have doubts on how to answer few questions or if you want some legal advice then talk to an attorney and have them review you case. Visas, Transfers, extensions will always be there, but important family functions are once in a lifetime opportunity.
  9. Yes, if you current I140 is approved for more than 180 days.
  10. User099

    H1B revoked notice. What to do next ?

    If you last working day was first week of Nov, then why did they run the payroll till Nov 22nd? Did USCIS revoke it on your previous employers request? Even if USCIS revoked it on your employer's request you are in the 60 day grace period, you are good.
  11. User099

    H1B Amendment | H4 Validity

    I don't think you will need to apply for her H4 or H4EAD again till 2022.
  12. Is you I94 expiry date 12/13 or 12/23? Case 1: You will have to leave before your I94 expiry date. Any extra days after I94 expiry date will be treated overstaying your visa. Case 2: Leave before your I94 expiry date.
  13. User099

    H1B Premium processing -good or bad idea?

    This is not always true. Lot of cases are also getting approved without RFE's. Success stories don't get as much publicity as Denied/RFE cases. Every case is different.
  14. I don't know what would happen in such a scenario when the primary applicant will abandon their application, will the child's application will be still processed? But if you have such plans, filing the 2 applications separately might be a better idea.
  15. User099

    H1B Amendment and Extension

    Some might say that since you did not work for Client A as per the original petition after approval, this petition is of no good. But I will advice to talk to an attorney to see if you are good to file for an amendment.
  16. User099

    H1B Amendment and Extension

    Some might say that since you did not work for Client A as per the original petition after approval, this petition is of no good. But I will advice to talk to an attorney to see if you are good to file for an amendment.
  17. If you were laid-off today, your 60 day will start from today and not Jan 9th. While you hunt for a new job, to be safe I will advice to put in a I-539 (COS to H4) in case your job hunt takes longer than 60 days. You qualify for a H4-EAD, you might want to think about using it rather than going back to H1.
  18. Best thing will be to get your Extension approved with A before you go for stamping. Then come back and have B file for a transfer. I will not advice you to travel while you H1 extension or transfer is pending.
  19. User099

    H1-B Transfer Denied.

    Unless they terminated you in their system and can't back date your hire to Dec 2nd, you can take a 7-10 day unpaid vacation. If not, getting paid from Dec 2nd will be good.
  20. Interesting, vendor is willing to apply for an extension for a job which you never started with them. It will not be an issue if vendor can provide all the required documents for the transfer to USCIS.
  21. I have answered you other post.
  22. User099

    Driving Licence renewal texas

    What other documents?
  23. 1. You can file for an EAD once you are back in the country and have the I94 number issues to you. Its taking 5 months for EAD's to be processed. 2. Not really, unless you want to save the filing and attorney fees and use it to buy a flight to your home country. 3. Yes 4. No need to file H4 extension if you plan on going for stamping. BUT you will need to leave before the I94 expiry date.
  24. User099

    H1B Transfer from India for US company

    Yes, what you said is technically possible.
  25. User099

    H1-B Transfer Denied.

    Relax. You will not be going out of status anytime soon. You have a valid I94 till Sept 2020. Even if your employer A revoked you H1, you will have 60 days from the last working day with them to become out of status. First lets see what is in the denial notice and then make a decision on re-file with appropriate change. You can go back to work for Employer A as they still have not revoked the petition. I don't think they need to do anything, but I am not an attorney to decide it. Your dependents will be in status as long as you are in status. They don't need to do anything separate right now.