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  1. I don't understand how you could miss that even while filing the request. It is considered out of status if you overstay your I94. Talk to an attorney ASAP to see how to respond to the RFE and if they can do a nunc pro tunc and fix this. Or else better to travel and go for visa stamping. In any case talk to an attorney before taking any further step.
  2. If you can comeback and update us about your experience will be much appreciated.
  3. If you never had a visa and never were in US before on H1, you will have to go thought the lottery again.
  4. Yes. As long as you have a valid I94 you can file a COS to H4 or do a new H1 and stay in the country.
  5. 1. Your H4 will be abandoned and EAD will still be processed. If you are not back by the time EAD is adjudicated, it might be rejected too. But you can still use the EAD that was issues till July 2021. 2. Yes.
  6. User099

    Queries in DS 160

    If its not shown, you don't need to enter it.
  7. User099

    H1B Extension with I140 Approved

    What do you mean by good? Its your choice. Do you want to wait for 6 months for approval or want it in 2 weeks? Premium is better because even if application is denied, you will have time to file a new case.
  8. User099

    H1B after revoke

    Most likely you will be subject to cap again and have to go thought the lottery again.
  9. User099

    H1b lottery validity

  10. User099

    H1b grace period

    Yes, you can still transfer your H1. Yes, you can still use the 60 day grace period. BUT one thing to check is how long is your I94 valid? The grace period is 60 day or until I94 expiry date which ever is shorter.
  11. If you I94 is valid, new employer can file for a transfer. Did you not file for your wife's H4 extension in Aug when you applied for your extension?
  12. You need to find a good attorney. Make sure your attorney fixes all these and submits then asap for the receipt number to be issued.
  13. User099

    H1B Extension

    Yes, you can.
  14. User099

    Drop box & H4 rejection due to H1b withdraw

    1. No, her petition was rejected not her visa. 2. Her petition was rejected not her visa. 3. There are other factors too which will decide if she is eligible for drop box.