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  1. Both of these are separate petitions, approval or denial of one will not have any impact on the other. If both are approved you can pick which employer you want to work for and let the other one know so that they can withdraw the petition.
  2. You can stay but you can't work after 240 days.
  3. User099

    H4 to H1b Visa Approved but Layoff possibility

    You need to work for the employer on H1 for you to be counted toward the cap. If you get laid off before Oct 1st, you will not be considered cap exempt.
  4. User099

    H1b Rehire rules

    I don't think its good to join without a receipt number.
  5. User099

    H4 Extension ? New ? Continue?

    a, Yes,Its better to do it if the Current H4 is not yet approved. b. No
  6. 1. yes 2. Check USCIS for current processing times.
  7. User099

    H1B Amendment and Extension

    You can stay and work after 240 days
  8. User099

    Public Charge - IEP

    You are good, these don't come under public charge. You are not taking Federal money to supplement your income. Secondly, these are for your Kid and if he is a citizen then he won't come under the federal charge rule.
  9. User099

    H4EAD to H1B Urgent

    1. You should be able to use the H4 EAD once you go back to H4. If you are filing for COS to H4, you can apply for EAD again to clear any confusion. 2. Travel would have been a good option, but in current conditions I am not sure if you would like to travel. 3. Its H1 is approved under Consular processing, you will have to atleast get it stamped to activate it.
  10. No issues, you can file 2 cases by different employers. They are separate petitions.
  11. User099

    Facing a weird situation with H1-B and LLC

    Its not a "benign" mistake, you need to check with an Attorney about it.
  12. User099

    I797 Date is Incorrect

    You can't start with the new employer on 6/8/2020 as the petition is not approved for this date. Why did your employer apply for the start date as 4/21/21? Was it a mistake in the paperwork or a mistake by USCIS? If the mistake is by USCIS, they should be able to fix it if your employer reaches out to them.
  13. User099

    Publishing book during H1B

    I think its legal, I see this in the same way as buying a house, renting it out and collecting rent on it. Good luck with your book!
  14. User099

    H1 extension and transfer at the same time

    You can apply both H1's (extension and Transfer) at the same time, no issues. Both are separate petitions and will not have any impact on each other. Once they are approved, you can pick which company you want to work for.
  15. You need to consult an attorney.