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  1. User099

    Maxout for H1B Capexempt with L1+H1B.

    I guessed it, but was not sure. But thanks for correcting me.
  2. User099


    Talk to an Attorney ASAP
  3. No issues, it will still be processed even if you leave the country.
  4. User099

    I-140 specific questions

    Yes, you can process PERM and I140 while working on H4EAD.
  5. User099

    h1b application

    Yes. You can use the remaining 3 years.
  6. User099

    Maxout for H1B Capexempt with L1+H1B.

    As far I know L1B duration will not be counted towards H1B. You get a total of 6 Years on H1, so do the math.
  7. User099

    Canadian for immigration

    It only applies to spouse and not children. You can only use yours or your spouse's country of birth for cross changeability for GC.
  8. User099

    Got an extension of 11 days only

    1. I would have called it a typo till 2016. But in the current administration its difficult to say anything. 2. File for an other extension ASAP. You should be able to use the same LCA as before and save LCA processing time. 3. You can stay till your I94 is valid. Do you have a project beyond Nov 22nd?
  9. User099

    H1B extension earlier than in 3 years

    You framed your statement as a math problem from 5th grade..LOL. Yes, you can capture the remaining 6 months.
  10. User099

    Gap between jobs on H1B

    Yes, it's fine.
  11. Talk to the attorney who filed you H1 and they might know what I94 was given only till Nov 30 and Feb 2020. They can tell you what will be the best course of action. You can file for an extension and that will also result in a new I94 if approved.
  12. I don't know if you can get paid vacation while you I797 is expired. But bottom line is you CAN'T work with expired I797 unless you have a receipt number in your hand.
  13. User099

    L1B to H1B Transfer (Consular Processing)

    You might have to check with the consulate which you plan on going to and if they accept change of status applications for Third country nationals.
  14. Great! Appreciate your taking time to post your experience.
  15. User099

    H1b Visa Stamping Validation

    No issues, you are good.