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  1. I have approved I140 on 09/01/2019, H1B extension denied on 09/05/2019. My attorney sent supervisory review email to USCIS on 09/06/2019 saying H1B extension denied reason is not valid as per my qualification(MCA) &other job information and requested to overturn denial, USCIS replied to email on 09/09/2019 saying give us 5-7 days to review denial decision. couple questions: 1) I was planning to leave India by 09/13/2019 (within 10 days from denial decision date 09/05) but USCIS replied to email on 09/06/2019 saying allow us(USCIS) 5-7 days to review denial decision. so how days will be counted and by when should I leave US. 1) shall I work from India on US payroll, if I deported to India. Appreciate your quick reply as its time sensitive