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    Nonimmigrant Waivers

    Please provide contact info for experienced attorney dealing with immigrant waiver.
  2. ShakShay

    Nonimmigrant Waivers

    Hi, I applied for non immigrant waiver to visit USA as I was deported. Received below response from admissibility review pffi at VA - this is in reference to your form I-192 because you may be inadmissible to USA, charges found - section 212(a)(6)(A)(i) of the INA, disposition- removed. A determination of inadmissibility under above charges does not trigger a bar, permanent or otherwise that would require an individual to seek a temporary waiver. Your inspection upon admission will be like normal applicant. Carry this letter everytime you enter US. Based on above response can I directly apply for I-485 as I had I-140 approval from past or do I need immigrant waiver? I can attach original letter but wasn't sure if it would be viewed public or private.