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  1. Hi every one please help me in this issue, I traveled to India while my extension is in process and I entered into USA back with new i94 with validity till march 2020. My extension was approved after I reached USA and in my i797 I have old i94 with validity till March 2023 . But my new i94 has till March 2020. please let me know wheather I need to change or update my i94 in my petition or it’s fine to stay with approved petetion
  2. I am working as FTE with big retail company and my existing petition is expiring in march 2020 (which is the max out of H1b and my I140 was approved recently). I had a travel plan in October to India and my employer is not filling for an PP and asking me to travel with existing petition mentioning no problem. 1. I had not been travelled to India in past 5 years and visa stamping was expired in 2015, if travel with my existing petition with 5 months of validity and my I140 approval will there be any problem for visa stamping and PoE ? Please help me ASAP