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  1. sravan123sf

    I-539 Extension denial

    I am not sure how are you concluding that its child care. Please don't make ur own assumption misguide people.If required I have a proof to show that
  2. sravan123sf

    I-539 Extension denial

    But she left before the the decision was made in fact . So still she needs a new Visa?
  3. sravan123sf

    I-539 Extension denial

    It would all depend on these (in order) 1- Was i539 EOS filed well in advance i.e was a receipt notice issued by USCIS ? A). It was filed well in advance before the I-94 expired 2- Did your parents leave before USCIS denied i539 ? A) Yes my mom left 1 month back itself and the Denial came yesterday 3- What was RFE about ? A) Couple of things 1) Prove that your are going back in short 2) One the questions in the application was not answered related to military training 4- Your parents may face issues if the EOS application was frivolous. Edited 1 hour ago by xTDx
  4. sravan123sf

    I-539 Extension denial

    Hi Guys, Could you please help me out with this situation 1. My parents came here to visit me 2. I have applied for the extension of stay for my Mom( As my mom wants to attend my cousin's wedding) 3. I have got a RFE for her extension after she left to India(She has overstayed 45 days based on I-94) 4. Based some online feedback . I send to letter to USCIS to cancel here extension since she left to India 5. But today I got a denial notice saying that she did not answer a question in the RFE my question here is Can she visit me next time on the visa( as she has about 7 years in that)? or how can I check her visa status Any help is appreciated