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  1. Hi. My employer is going to file the Green card and need some help on the below questions. Could you please review and provide me the details for the same? 1. Prevailing wage level - what are the different categories and how much experience is required for each level? 2. EB2/EB3 - Based on what criteria and wage level EB2/EB3 will be determined? 3. I have 3 Years Bsc Computer Technology and 3 Years Masters - MCA. Is this considered to be US Masters degree equivalent or its going to be only considered as US Bachelors? 4. For my case i have Bsc and MCA from India with 13+ Years of experience. Based on what criteria EB2/3 will be determined. 5. Also the company Attorney is mentioning that he will file under EB3 for now per requirements for the position and the company is willing to change to EB2 after few years. Will this be fine or will there be any issues? If we change to EB2 at later point what will be the priority date for the same? Thanks Suresh A