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    Hi there . I got a misdemeanor DUI back in 2011 and had been going through “second inspection” at the airport ever since. Was under the impression that , unless I apply for citizenship, it would be an ongoing situation I’d have to deal with . I had just gotten my new green card earlier this year after applying for a renewal . I traveled right after and once upon my return , as suspected, was still asked to go to second inspection. Two months after I traveled again and to my surprise , that time once I returned , for the first time I had not been sent to second inspection, in fact the officer at the window couldn’t even see any conviction in his computer !?!?! As amazing as it was , surprise and curiosity stroke me by that ... ... So my question , I guess is , is it possible my DUI conviction was merely removed from my record , or somehow marked as “not important anymore “ for me to be send to Second Inspection?? I’d be grateful for any answers or ideas regarding this matter :)