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  1. Irina0505

    Student visa denial case

    There are several options that can be reported for marital status on the DS-160. These include: “Married;” “Common Law Marriage;” “Civil Union/Domestic Partnership;” “Single;” “Widowed;” “Divorced;” “Legally Separated;” and “Other.” Yeah, well, I partly agree with your theory on ‘no-longer-single Russian female students' …I believe that cases such as immigration are more related to the issue of person’s prof background. If a person has a weak background, and is going back to school in order to find “a better life in the states”, and his studies have no real connection to his prof background, than, yeah, that seems quite suspicious… And that is more like ‘i will stay here no matter what’ case. But if a person has a pretty solid professional background (8 years in international journalism, for instance) and wants to go back to school for prof trainings, that shouldn’t be an issue. If that makes sense. Anyways, what would be your advice? Thank you!
  2. Irina0505

    Student visa denial case

    Thank you for the answer. Following your logic, in America would not be a single russian female student…I put my friend’s name in the “Contacts”. If he was a boyfriend, I would have put his name in “Marital Status”.
  3. Irina0505

    Student visa denial case

    The course in one year and a half long. And the UCLA extension program is quit cheap in compare to MA/MBA...
  4. Irina0505

    Student visa denial case

    I didnot change a story! I tried to explain consul that to mention a friend but not an advisor was my mistake, but I never said that I didnot have a friend, cause I put him in my first application.
  5. Irina0505

    Student visa denial case

    I worked as reporter for russian news agency in Beijing. I quit my job 8 months ago. Currently unemployed. I enrolled to UCLA extension Film/media producing program. First time I applied for F-1 visa on 10-th of July in Moscow. In application in contacts I put my american friend’s name instead of putting the name of university advisor. That was my mistake. I got denial. I applied second time three weeks later. I explained consul that as my purpose is studying, so i should have put the name of adviser, but not a friend. Than she asked if i am going to stay with a friend, i said no, i am staying on campus. And i got denial second time. My question is - in my case is it possible to get student visa if i get a job and reapply in a year or so?