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  1. Hi all, Due to the recent change from DOL for applications from ICERT to FLAG system. how many of you guys are currently waiting for the PWD? please reply here we can share some info with each other to be on same page. Thank you PWD filed: March 2018 Status - Pending Thank you
  2. sal7

    Prevailing wage determination Status

    Hi Vuyalaarun, I am also in looking for the same information. i have filed by PWD on march 2019 and currently waiting for the decision. my attorney saying that it is having few glitches and all the applications has been freezed. if you hear something please post here. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I have filed my PWDs March 2019 but until now my application is been pending. i talk to my lawyer he is saying that the current process for the ICERT has been moved to FLAG system and all the applications for third parties are having glitches and they are currently freezed. However, i told him that this process was started on June 10th 2019 and mine was filed early March. and now he is no more replying to my emails. could you let me know what is the scenario? and how many of you are currently waiting for the PWDs and are in same case like me ? Thank you Best Regards: Sal