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  1. AFAIK you need to establish contact with your old employer. If the NOIR is not addressed, your original H1 may be revoked, and you will not be cap counted. talk to an attorney for more options.
  2. GCoder

    Wage level decrease from Level 3 to 2

    1) Yes. 2) employer's responsibility to prove that it is indeed a speciality occupation.
  3. GCoder

    H1b COS denied. Is out of status?.

    She is in status since here h4 extension is pending. no need to worry. she can stay till she gets decision on H4 ext.
  4. 1) COS to B1/B2 with the intention of attending interviews is illegal. 2) Yes 3) Yes
  5. 1) H1B is an employer based petition. If your employer doesn't want to apply with only 1.8 years left. Then it is their call 2) Yes 3) It is again discretion of your future employer to initiate perm processing.
  6. GCoder

    H1B Petition Transfer in USA - Easy or Complex?

    It is illegal to travel without a valid project. you need to get an approved h1b petition/stamping before you can travel.
  7. GCoder

    H1B Work from Home/ Home address on LCA

    Check with an independent attorney. However, There is nothing much you can do here. Your employer/client dictates your work location since they are the petitioners. The only other option is to change employer
  8. GCoder

    Revoked my H1B from USCIS

    Based on what I understand, you have been benched by Employer B between (Dec 6th & Jun 12th). Benching is illegal. Since your current H1B is revoked, you are no longer maintaining status. You need to exit immediately. Fortunately you are still cap-exempt. you can apply again with premium processing. The whole process may take anywhere between 2 months (RFE response time if Any). However, since USCIS has revoked the H1, you might face additional scrutiny and there are high chances that the new H1B might be denied. 1. You are cap-exempt 2. 2 months (premium processing) + rfe response time. 3. you are not eligible for 240 day rule. it applies only for people waiting for exiting h1b application result. 4. You are out of status since you h1b is revoked. it doesn't matter whether you i94 is valid or not. 5. It doesn't apply to you. It is only meant for uscis sending pre-date approvals.
  9. GCoder

    H1B Extension denied, I-94 expired

    you are out of status. You can reapply any number of times with any number of combinations of employer/client provided you have actual work. However you must exit USA ASAP without accuring too many days without status.
  10. If you haven't exceeded 150 days, it shouldn't be a problem. however, you need to ensure that you have proper documentation for unpaid OPT to be considered. talk to your attorney for more information. your vacation time in company C will not be considered as employment period
  11. new h1b is valid after oct 1st. you can go for stamping during last week of september. i believe you can use your existing l1b even after h1b is stamped.
  12. Unfortunately A fresh H1B is only for future work. If you do not work for the employer/client mentioned in the approved petition, that h1b would automatically becomes invalid. h1b transfer without maintaining h1b status would not be possible. you can work on opt till it expires.
  13. GCoder

    H1B FYI2020 Receipt NOT Received

    premium processing gives result faster. if you are on opt and it is expiring, you need to convert to premium processing. if you think your employer is bluffing, the employer should have received receipt number by now. you can use it to check status. it might even take over a year for result in normal processing depending upon the center where the application was received.
  14. GCoder

    H1-B with QA analyst

    approval depends on documentation not based on premium processing. if you want results faster move to premium processing.
  15. GCoder


    If you are EVC, and if you are no longer working for the petitioned client, you are legally not maintaining status. As long as you are paid the same amount mentioned in h1b petition you can take any number of leaves if you working for the same employer