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  1. Sir/Mam, During my last visit to India, At port of Entry the officer changed my I94 date to Mar 2021. Even though i have valid visa till Sep 2021, since my passport is expiring on Mar 2021, the officer changed the I94 date to Mar 2021. Now i have submitted by new passport application and expecting the new passport in 2 weeks. Do i need to travel out of the country to get updated I94 ? Or is there any other option to do this without leaving the country ? Also, In worst case, if i didn't receive my new passport on time, then what should i do ? Kindly help me on this.
  2. I am having visa stamping in couple of weeks. When i checked the SEVIS portal , i got to know DSO wrongly mentioned my job title as SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER instead of SENIOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPER. Now, Since my COS is approved, my DSO couldn't access / edit my sevis portal. I have the Employer confirmation letter,client letter and h1b approval. Will this wrong data in sevis will affect H1b stamping ?
  3. Rajapl

    H1B Approved after RFE.

    Background Staying in US for 4years with F1 visa valid till Aug 2020. currently working for big staffing company with STEM OPT EAD. Got married this year and tried F1 visa twice for my wife. Both time got rejected under 214B. During STEM OPT i joined a consultancy and five days after joining i went to india for my marriage. when i returned to USA i got another offer (current job) and i moved to that new company. so during this period this company didnt run payroll or pay anything since i am not in the country. Got RFE for speciality occupation and maintenance of status. finally got H1B Approved. now i am planning to take H4 visa for my wife. Can someone please suggest which is the best option ? 1) Scheduling my wife's H4 visa interview with my I797 visa approval. (without my H1b stamping)? will the previous F1 rejection will have any impact on her h4 ? will she face any issue since i didn't finish my stamping? 2) scheduling H1 stamping and H4 interview together ? shall i schedule immediately at the end of october ? will my unpaid period at stem opt will cause any issue ? Thanks in advance.
  4. My Employer filed for H1b under premium processing. Submitted the RFE response on August 23rd and the case status in online portal changed to . " Case was Approved " on August 30th. But still both my employer and attorney didn't receive any Email/physical approval notice till now. is this usual ? Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts 🙂
  5. @JoeF sorry to tag you again. can you share your thoughts on this ?
  6. @JoeF Can you share your thoughts on this ? Thankyou so much for your time 🙂
  7. My employer filed H1B under premium processing and they will be submitting their RFE Response by this week. This week, i moved to new home. Not sure about updating this address change in USCIS at this time, whether this might create any confusion. Should i update this address change to USCIS immediately? or informing employer alone will be enough(since they will be mailing my H1b Decision notice). Thanks in advance 🙂
  8. Thankyou so much Gopal 🙂
  9. FYI, My Employer filed H1B Petition as Change of Status.
  10. Background: I am in F1 Stem opt EAD valid till Jan 2021. Working as a software Engineer (As a contractor) H1 Visa , got picked in lottery and responding to RFE by next week. My Wife already have two F1 Visa rejections. Query: 1) If incase my H1B is approved, Can i share the documents(approval letter) and ask my wife to attend H4 Visa Interview. Or its mandatory for me to finish stamping first before applying for H4 ? 2) Apply for H4 visa interview and scheduling both H1 stamping and H4 visa interview at the same day is a better option ? 3) My Wife's Two F1 visa rejection will have any impact on H4 decisions ?
  11. @GCoder If vacation time is counted as unemployment , but if i didn't exceed the umemployment days limit(<150 days). Then am i eligible for consideration or still i am out of status ? During Stem OPT period i didnt have paystub for around 2months. Thankyou so much for your help @GCoder
  12. I am in F1 Visa , having STEM OPT EAD Valid till Jan 2021. My Initial OPT started from Jan 2018. started working as an unpaid intern at company "A" from Feb 2018 to Mar 2018. From Apr 2018 to Jan 2019 worked as a Full Time Employee at company "B" and have proper documents. After that joined a consultancy company "C" in Jan 22nd 2019 and went to india for vacation. When i returned, i got a better job at other company and moved there. So, From Jan 22nd 2019 to Mar 10th 2019(I was out of country from Jan 26 2019 - Mar 10 2019) this consultancy didn't run any payroll for me. Now, in my new company , i received an RFE for speciality occupation and also they asked me to submit all employment confirmation letter and paystub from previous company. My previous company "C" gave a confirmation letter and they mentioned i was in vacation from Jan 26 to March 10th(i was in that company just for 5 days Jan 22 to Jan 26). Will this be considered as out of status since i didn't get paid during my stem opt ? or they can consider this as unemployed days ?