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  1. RMan12341

    Pending DV charge and apply H1B extension

    Did you get a RFE ? Anytime soon planning to go to India?
  2. RMan12341

    Where do we verify H1B visa still exists or revoked

    If I am arrested and have my visa revoked what does it mean? 1)Does it mean i will have no visa to stay legally here 2)or is it only visa stamp and whenever If i leave the country I need to go to visa interview?
  3. Hi I have the same question in head. Do we need to reveal the original charges or only mention plea deal.? Did you travel to India after the incident or had your h1b extension done after incident?
  4. RMan12341

    H1B stamping denied multiple convictions

    Why is your visa denied? Did they mention you that it is for DV charge? Or is it for DUI conviction. Usually I had a impression that at visa interview or uscis look at convictions and not charges. Can anyone tell if visa interviewrs can even deny on basis of charge and not conviction?
  5. RMan12341

    Stalking charges

    1)Immigration lawyer is the one who is suggesting that an amendment to disorderly conduct with stipulated factual basis of disorderly conduct. But clearly it is mentioned that it will not have severe immigration consequences but however they are immigration consequeneces. 2) Will it make anyone(or in this case myself ) inadmissable based on arrest alone even though conviction is for disorderly conduct ?
  6. RMan12341

    Stalking charges

    Hi I have been charged with stalking charges by my ex gf and my attorney is saying that I should plead guilty to disorderly conduct( being unreasonably loud) as part of plea bargain and should do probation and pay fines Questions 1) Will pleading guilty to disorderly conduct lead to any immigration consequences if I plan on travelling to India? 2) Can embassy or counsulate guys stop saying that I am inadmissable for Disorderly conduct conviction(though initial charges are for stalking)? 3) Based on initial charges too, can embassy decide on inadmissable terms or only on conviction basis? 4) For future H1b extensions, Will uscis look at initial charge or final conviction? On what basis they make thier decision?
  7. If you plead guilty to DV. Under immigration rules that will make you inadmissable to US. If you go to VISA stamping in future they might stop you. You can email me at reddymanish921 at gmail com
  8. I am in the same boat. Can you email me on reddymanish921 at gmail com
  9. RMan12341

    Pending DV charge and apply H1B extension

    Did you plead guilty for Dv charge or any reduced charge? Are they going to be any immigration problems when you go to the Visa stamping if you did plead guilty to reduced charge(ex: Disorderly conduct- for being unreasonably loud)? Will pleading guilty to that Disordery conduct make anyone inadmissable who accepted to plead guilty to it inexchange to getting DV charges dismissed?