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  1. Hi, A Couple of Questions: 1.) Will having a Concurrent H1b affect Green Card Process in any way ? 2.) Will having a Concurrent H1b affect H1b Stamping? 3.) Can the employer that files concurrent h1b application, file for GC ?
  2. Hi,Me and My wife are currently on H1b. We own a house right now and are looking to buy another house. We are looking to rent the current house after moving into the new house. Could you please help me with the below Questions in this context:1.) Is it okay for an H1b to Rent Houses? Are there any Tax related / Immigration related things that I may have to be aware of ?2.) Can I open an LLC for the rental property? Is Opening an LLC a violation of H1b Laws?Thank You.
  3. Satya2000

    H1b Client, End Client ??

    Hi, I would greatly appreciate if you can answer the below Question. Currently working for Employer A who is Contracted to a Vendor B to work for Client C. Client C is a service provider that handles multiple accounts/clients of his own. My current LCA is filed by A. End Client is mentioned as C. Work Location is Remote. I am engaged by Client C to work on more that one of his Accounts/Clients. Let's call Client C's accounts as D and E. I am sometimes required to go on site to D and E for meetings and to provide consulting services. Is there anything illegal or wrong about this setup ? Another Scenario is if my LCA has D as the end Client and D's location as the work location, Would it be illegal to provide services to E. If yes, what needs to be done to be able to provide service to E as well? Thanks, Confused!