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  1. J1MDhardship

    DOS timeline for J1 hardship waiver

    DOS received documents on 07/10/2019 after UCIS requested for expert opinion. Still waiting for recommendations.
  2. J1MDhardship

    J1 clinical waiver

    most likely.
  3. J1MDhardship

    DOS timeline for J1 hardship waiver

    not yet, DOS got my I 612/I-613 on july 10th so Is too soon.
  4. J1MDhardship

    Hard ship waiver

    Hi I'm J1 visa physician applying for exceptional hardship waiver. Timeline USCIS received I-612 on june/2018 DOS received DS-3050 on jul/2018 USCIS RFE on 03/2019 documents sent on 04/23/2019 USCIS put case on hold 06/20/2019 DOS received I-612/I-613/letter of need 07/10/2019. Lawyer explained USCIS status may not be updated frequently so it may take some weeks to show updated information, in my experience USCIS case on hold was shown same date(06/20/2019). Lawyer also explained DOS may take 3-4 months to take a decision. you can call USCIS to speak with someone in particular express your concern and then receive a mail regarding your concern; DOS I reached them trough mail, initially you get an informative email(not specific with your concern). but later someone will reach you and likely answering your initial questions.