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  1. I sent an email to customs and Border patrol and below is the answer I got: I have two options: 1. I can file an extension with USCIS for an extension of stay on an I-129 application 2. Leave US and re enter prior to the expiration of current I-94
  2. Thanks srinivas_258 Even, I am kind of thinking that would be my only option. Just want to make sure I am not missing on any other option with out crossing the border.
  3. By the time I booked my H1B visa slot, I did not get my renewed H1B copy and so I booked it based on my current H1B (which expires in 4 Months). Later, I received my renewed H1B which has an approval for 3 more years. I went for stamping and my visa got approved. As suspected, I only got the H1B validity for 4 months instead of 3 years and 4 months. Even at the port of entry officer gave me 4 months validity on my I-94 as both visa officer and immigration officer did not ask me for any documentation for new I 797 and even I too did not show them at the visa interview and at port of entry. As given by visa officer, when checked online, my I 94 is expiring in 4 months. At this point, what options do I have now to correct the expiration date on my I-94 to reflect the renewed H1B expiration date which is 3 years and 4 months from now ? 1. Should I take an appointment at nearest U.S. customs and Border protection office and renew it there? Is that even an option? 2. Should I cross the border and reenter by showing the new I-797 to the officer? That way the validity of my I-94 changes to what’s on my renewed I 797? Am I understanding this right? 3. I know I can go for visa stamping again outside of USA and get my H1B visa stamp based on my new H1B expiration date? Thanks in Advance Ramesh