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  1. Hello, I'm a Syrian national. I have been living in the US for more than 15 years (F1 > H1B > GC) and I'm currently waiting on my citizenship interview. I'd like to invite my mother to visit me in the US for a couple months. She's never been in the US before and it's hard for me to go there due to the current conditions there. She's 70+ and I met/saw her last time in 2011 when I visited Syria. Given that Syrian nationals included in the travel ban, what are my chances to get a visa for my mother? P.S. I work for a State Gov as a contractor in the IT field and I make more than 200K so I have no other issues whatsoever except for her nationality/citizenship. Thank you! Hisham
  2. Well, all my siblings live there (with their families) and she lives in her own house in a wealthy neighborhood in Damascus. Her siblings live in Europe and we have extended family everywhere as we come from Armenian background. She could go and live in Turkey, Lebanon, Armenia, Jordan, Russia or Germany etc any moment if she wanted but she is happy there in Syria. I'm just wondering whether her nationality would be the mere impact to deny her visa provided that Syria is on the travel ban list, and what can be done in such case, if any, to facilitate her visa process.