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  1. Hi I am employed with my employer A for past 1 year and I am working in EVC model.Now my vendor V is ready to do a H1 transfer so that I can work directly by avoiding a layer.When I read my employment agreement with my current employer , is says that I cannot work for my client or my vendor for a period of 1 year after moving from my employer. Now , if I transfer my H1 from my employer to my vendor , Will there be any problem? Shall I can say that I am not moving to my vendor or my client company? Is there any possibility for my employer to find which company I have been moved? Is anything my vendor can do handle this?
  2. Hi I have my H1 approved on Feb 2019 and valid till Jan 2022 with Company A. If I initiate a H1 transfer with Employer B and if it gets denied 1. Am I eligible to continue to work with Employer A with the same H1 if Employer A is not aware of of H1 transfer and denial.
  3. Hi I got my H1 approved on May 2019 and I got the Client Letter for this approval on April 2019. I have scheduled my Visa Interview in India on Aug 2019.Do I need a new Client Letter and Vendor Letter while going for interview or shall I can use the same letters provided during April 2019. Thanks
  4. krishkum

    Stamping from B1 to H1

    Came to US in B1 and got my H1 and change of status approved, Hope I followed the rule of law and I will be travelling to India before my I-94 (B1) expires and planned for visa interview and stamping with my family.
  5. krishkum

    Stamping from B1 to H1

    Yes, I had my previous H1 from 2009 to 2012 in which I used only 3 three months. Now , I got my new H1 approved from May 2019 for 2 years. I worried on what kind of questions I will facing regarding travelled on B1 and changing status to H1.
  6. krishkum

    Stamping from B1 to H1

    Hi, I came to US in B1 on Mar 2019 and then got offer from my new employer. My new employer filed my H1 transfer and Change of status and my H1 was approved and the start date is from May 2019 and my working now with my new employer. Now I am planning to bring my family (spouse and son) from India by going back to India. I have scheduled my Visa Interview with my family on Aug 2019. Please let me know if there is any complications for getting visa approval and stamping? Thanks, Krishnan