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  1. Hello, I have my birth certificate, but have a lot of mistakes on it. for e.g. a) My name is incorrect not just spelling, but first name has an extra 'P' and middle name is totally different that what's on my passport b) Father's name is incorrect.. His name has an incorrect middle initial. c) Mother and Father's last name spelling has an minor error.. it has an 'a' instead of 'e'. The govt office says they cant make the change in the my name. The only think they suggest I do is make a name change in the Gazette. For my parent name, they want proofs from before I was born, which are hard to find. Question: a) Is the Gazette accepted by USICS/1-485 Interview? Do I need to make an affidavit from my parents? b) Can errors in my parents name be supported by other documents, such as passport, school leaving, drivers license etc? Please suggest other documents. Thank you R
  2. SPAIN123

    Opening an LLC

    I would like to open an LLC, but taxed as a C-corp, in my son's name who is 15 years old and a US citizen.. would that be ok. He will be the sole member of the LLC? who will be earning a salary from the company