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  1. Startup_Engineer

    How to File Green Card from Other country

    I didn't find anywhere in the documentation list or anywhere written that I have submit an offer letter from the employer. Could you send me the link? thanks in advance.
  2. Startup_Engineer

    Relocate and Retain PD when GC Date Current

    Your company lawyer is not correct. You can retain your priority dates if you didn't file for I-485. You can get H1 without lottery assuming that your H1 was with lottery. You will H1 for 1 year each time until you have a decision on your GC file.
  3. Startup_Engineer


    Great! I had reached out to you via direct message on this portal, please check it out. Could we connect there? Thanks,
  4. Startup_Engineer


    Anything did you hear?
  5. Startup_Engineer


    Hi Rakesh, Any updates on your situation?
  6. Startup_Engineer

    H1B Visa stamping in Canada.

    US consulates are not allowing anyone for Third National to get a visa interview/stamping in Canada. You will have to try to go to Mexico or something country. But check their web pages as things are changing very fast. Thanks,
  7. They can resume without any issue if the job is same or similar.
  8. Did you hear anything? I am in a similar boat. Please let me know as well. Thanks.
  9. Hello, Did you learn anything about your case? I am in the same situation. Please let me know. I am also in Canada and received the NVC letter to pay the fee.