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  1. Thanks for your response. Can you please be more specific? For what size of the company are they allowed to provide such severance package? Also, do you happen to know which US law states this?
  2. Hello, Last month the company I was at fired 70% of its employees with a 20-hour notice. Some of us had H-1B visas and are currently in the so-called 60-day grace period. Even though we are not eligible for unemployment, I have read that California laws require employers to provide a severance package to H-1B employee after a mass layoff. Is this correct? Thanks
  3. Hello, Does anyone know of any government document that explicitly states that there’s no need to obtain a new visa stamp to reenter the US after transitioning from employer A to employer B through an H1-B transfer (assuming the visa stamp is still valid)? My visa stamp (issued by employer A) expires in 2021 and my I-94 admin until date is also in 2021. I recently transferred to company B (through an H1B transfer) and have plans to travel internationally in 2 months. This post mentions that I do not need to get a new visa stamp to reenter the US but would like to know the source of the information, if possible. Thanks,