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  1. Hi. If EB2 NIW i140 is approved and one works for a US based fintech company. He/She received promotions and now manages a team. He/She did not do so when I140 was approved. 1. Since he/she now performs managerial role, can employer convert to EB1 from EB2 NIW category or are there any conditions that must be met? 2. If a person with EB2 NIW i140 approved changes employer, will the new employer have to transfer the i140? Asking this since NIW i140 is personal petition for beneficiary and not linked to employer. What is required to be done if individual with NIW i140 changes employer? Many thanks
  2. Abby_New

    NIW i140 Approved

    Thankyou for the reply. Is it necessary to be with the same employer for atleast 180 days after approval of NIW i140 just like the normal i140 in order to retain my priority date? My employer is the petitioner for my NIW and I am the beneficiary. I heard from someone that 180 days rule does not apply to NIW cases. Thanks
  3. Abby_New

    NIW i140 Approved

    My NIW i-140 EB2 was approved and the approval notice shows me as the beneficiary. I am employed by a USA based fintech company. If after some years I move to India, will I still be able to keep my GC application alive and get GC (despite being in India)? Do I need to be in the USA for AOS or any subsequent steps or do I need to have valid employment in the US? Also, since NIW i-140 is approved, shall my employer stop the perm process already started or shall we leave it as it is?