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  1. Siddharth5

    H1B visa stamping in Malaysia

    Hi, Can you tell how did your interview go in Malaysia? were there any issues getting stamped from a 3rd country?
  2. Hi All, Background: I got my h1b picked early this year but I left my previous employer and came back to India. Now another firm has transferred my H1B and my joining date would be within a month (July last week). Right now I am in India and for the purpose of H1B visa stamping, I was looking for dates at Mumbai Consulate but it shows somewhere in Mid- September. Question: 1. Is there a possibility to expedite the process or get an early date in India? 2. If not, then can I get it stamped in Australia ( I already have an Australian tourist visa valid for 3 years). Thanks in Advance for all the suggestions.