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  1. Rachael2011

    H1B Forgot to Submit a Copy

    Anyone else with some helpful advice?
  2. Is cap exempt processing usually a little quicker? I know everyone says it's the same, but when I mailed it I found you actually send it to a different "Attn:" and I'm guessing it's a different person going through them than the regular cap-subject ones.
  3. Rachael2011

    H1B Forgot to Submit a Copy

    Oh, also there is no company lawyer.
  4. Rachael2011

    H1B Forgot to Submit a Copy

    So it is no longer necessary to submit a copy, then? It currently requests a copy on the USCIS website under I-129 "special instructions" tab.
  5. Rachael2011

    H1B Forgot to Submit a Copy

    I am preparing on behalf of the company, I am a part owner, I am not the H1B worker. We are a small non profit and do not have a lawyer.
  6. Rachael2011

    H1B Forgot to Submit a Copy

    I was so caught up in the details of submitting an H1B application (on behalf of my company) that I forgot to submit a copy of the application. This is the first time doing H1B paperwork. It was received on June 3, 2019. The beneficiary will have to interview in the Manila, Philippines Embassy for the visa stamping. I called in and they told me to just wait and the will send a RFE if they need it. However, I read online that sometimes you can send documents along with your Receipt # and ask them to be added on to your file. I also read an example of someone who didn't submit a copy and it got approved, but caused problems at the Embassy and they had to file a almost $500 additional information form with USCIS. I really cannot wait for a RFE because I want the worker to start as soon as possible, the start date is Sept 9, 2019 (we are a cap-exempt employer--no I'd rather not pay for premium). If I send in a copy and ask them to add it on, (1) where do I mail it to? Same address? and (2) what are the chances it will work?